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1,000 box tops collected

1,000 box tops collected
1,000 box tops collected | Box Tops for education, Trey Bowers, Gleason School

Gleason kindergartner Trey Bowers blew out the competition at Gleason School by collecting 1,000 Box Tops for Education for the school’s Box Tops contest.

Box top collections are friendly competitions designed to benefit each school systems in the county. For years, schools across Weakley County have supported the collections of Box Tops for Education. By collecting the labels found on more than 300 products, schools can earn 10 cents for each label from the nationwide program.
From General Mills® cereals to Nestle® products to Yoplait® yogurts and Hamburger Helper®, the kitchen cabinets house potential money for local schools through Box Tops for Education.
Collections between grades within a school system have become a friendly competition.
But the competition is heating up at Gleason School. Each year the Gleason School Library participates in the box top fundraiser by asking students in grades K-8 to bring in box tops each month.
Funds raised from the collection of box tops are used for reading awards for students, including trophies and restaurant vouchers.
Each student in the winning-grade level receives a special prize and the winning grade is recognized during the annual Gleason School Accelerated Reader Celebration Assembly held each May.
Gleason kindergartner Trey Bowers has blown out the competition thus far at Gleason School by bringing in 1,000 Box Tops for Education.
Box top collections for the first half of the school year at Gleason School are:
• First grade – 1,792;
• Kindergarten – 1,787;
• Third grade – 1,153;
• Fourth grade – 995;
• Second grade – 889;
• Sixth grade – 574;
• Seventh grade – 318;
• Eighth grade – 146 and
• Fifth grade – 48.
The school’s total as of  Sunday is 7,702.Schools across the county also participate in the box tops collections. Various schools offer pizza parties and awards for winning classrooms.
Details and a complete list of participating products is online at More than $59 million was raised across the nation last year through the program.

WCP 1.05.12