Our readers write

Our readers write

Posted: Wednesday, January 4, 2012 7:02 pm

State services
locally decline

To The Editor:
Although I had not seen or heard any previous notices of the changes to be made to our local state driver’s license center, I was not surprised that the article about the changes was in our paper, only three days before the changes took place.
Our current state Republican administration has been very secretive about some of the changes it has made to state services. The article in the paper stated the changes were being made to reduce the average waiting time that citizens face when seeking service at driver service centers.
I am sure that every year the several thousand Obion County citizens faced with the one and a half- to two-hour round-trip drive to the nearest full-service drivers service center will be overjoyed to know  they will have a reduced average waiting time.
I am not sure why our county was selected to receive the destination of being one of three drivers service centers to provide reinstatement services only — at the loss of all other services, it seems. Maybe it is because of the high esteem and respect that state government feels for Obion County or maybe it is one of the job training or incentive programs the Republican governor promised us earlier last year.
I have no idea how many reinstatements are provided daily or how much time it takes to provide them. I do know that next November, about two months after I make a trip to Dresden to renew my license, with a current picture so I can vote, that I will remember how well, or poorly, the Republicans, including our local representative, have served our county.
Daniel Thompson

Published in The Messenger 1.4.12

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