Spring 2012 travel study to focus on Holocaust

Spring 2012 travel study to focus on Holocaust

Posted: Wednesday, December 21, 2011 6:03 pm

In spring 2012 students at the University of Tennessee at Martin will have the opportunity to study the history surrounding the Holocaust genocide in Europe. The UT Martin history department is offering three credit hours in history through a Holocaust travel-study experience.
The spring courses, HIS 342: Europe War to War 1914-1945 and HIS 468: History of the Holocaust will be open for undergraduate students, while graduate students may take HIS 542: Europe War to War 1914-1945 during the spring semester or Maymester.
The courses will be offered in distance/online format for off-campus students, and students may also receive two credit hours of PACT 122: Aerobic Walking/Jogging on the trip.
The climax of the courses will be a 14-day trip to the European cities of Warsaw and Cracow, Poland; Prague, the Czech Republic; and Dresden and Berlin, Germany. The trip will take place from May 20 to June 2 and will include visits to concentration camps, ghettos, churches, synagogues, history museums, art museums and other cultural and historical sites.
The cost of the trip is $4,500, and various university, college, and departmental travel scholarships are available to students. For more information, contact Dr. Alice-Catherine Carls at accarls@utm.edu or 881-7472.

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