Business inspired by childhood roots

Business inspired by childhood roots

Posted: Wednesday, December 21, 2011 7:02 pm

Business inspired by childhood roots

Joe and Lori Morrow
Joe and Lori Morrow wanted to establish a business that would provide clothes to appeal to all ages. Their ideas blossomed into a new store called The Whispering Tree.

Lori describes the store as classic with a feminine vintage touch. In addition to clothing, it offers a line of custom-designed fashion jewelry, including gold, platinum, diamonds and sterling silver.

The Whispering Tree is a small family-owned “boutique wholesale” business whose staff is all very involved in the design process. The store participates in large wholesale shows all over the country and do smaller retail shows closer to home when they can.

But the Morrows’ business isn’t just an average ordinary boutique store. The Whispering Tree, located on University Street, is a business whose roots extend way back into her childhood and reflect a big imagination. Lori’s mom and dad have lived in the same house since she was about four years old. Beside the house there is a pond and behind the pond there is a hill covered with woods.

From the very beginning, Lori claimed the hill and woods as her own.

“It’s always been my hill and my woods – no arguing siblings and kin, I mean emotionally… not physically,” she said. “When I was little I would take a blanket and a book and read and play and imagine. It’s where I played with my friends real and imaginary and where I buried my pets,” she added.

When she grew up, she built her house beside the hill between her parents’ house and the house of her oldest brother. Her son walks through those woods sometimes when he goes to see his grandparents and she walks through those woods with all three of her children and her puppies.

“Sometimes if you’re quiet, especially at this time of the year, you can hear the trees whisper. I believe that its all those little things that make up some of the best parts of who we are. And I pray that someday my children will grow up and build a life and a family close to me and walk with their children in those woods and listen to the same trees as they whisper,” she said.

For more information, go to the business’ Facebook page,, and leave a message or call 225-4432. Hours of operation are 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 2-4 p.m. Sunday.

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