White Christmas? – not likely

White Christmas? – not likely

Posted: Friday, December 16, 2011 1:48 pm
By: Meghan Evans, Meteorologist

State College, Pa. – AccuWeather reports children and the young at heart across the U.S. are beaming with excitement for the holidays, and there is one question that many of them have in common: Will it be a white Christmas?
A recent poll on AccuWeather.com’s Facebook Page showed that people have different ideas of what makes a white Christmas. Some AccuWeather.com Facebook fans said if there was falling snow then it is a white Christmas, while others said snow on ground meant a white Christmas.
AccuWeather.com’s white Christmas outlook is using the definition of a snow depth of an inch or more on Christmas Day.
“A swath from the central Plains to the central Great Lakes could have a white Christmas where some fresh snow will fall next week. This depends on where a storm tracks and where cold lasts behind the storm,” according to Expert Senior Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski.
“The northern Plains and the Upper Midwest have a shot too,” added Sosnowski. Again, this will rely on where storms track from now through Christmas and whether enough cold air will remain to allow the snow cover to stay put.
The Intermountain West and the Rockies have a good chance at a white Christmas as well with a decent amount of snow already on the ground.
The outlook for a white Christmas this year lines up with historical data. Based on past Christmases, the Intermountain West, Rockies, northern Plains and Upper Midwest as well as northern New England are most likely to have a white Christmas.
“Most of the mid-Atlantic, southern New England and the Southeast are likely out of the running for a white Christmas,” added Sosnowski. “There is too much mild air for snow in these areas.”
Episodes of rain are in store for portions of the South and East with stormy weather leading up to Christmas. It appears that the frequent storm track will cut from the southern Plains to the Midwest through Christmas, so the South and East will lie on the milder side of the storms. However, there could be some brief chilly blasts into the Northeast.
Courtesy of AccuWeather.com.

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