Police more worried about season of taking

Police more worried about season of taking
It’s a season of giving.
But for some people, it’s a time for taking.
Home and vehicle burglaries are on the rise in the days leading up to Christmas and area residents are also urged to be extra cautious when shopping, according to Union City police.
Locally, Union City police provide extra holiday patrols in shopping areas in an effort to maintain a high visibility and try to deter criminal activity.
Still, there are several basic precautions residents can taken to safeguard against becoming a victim of a crime.
Union City Police Chief Joe Garner and the police department’s criminal investigations division have issued a holiday warning to all residents in and around Union City.
“This being the holiday season, it is known that people have new merchandise in their homes, which brings out thieves and burglars,” police said.
The list of safety precautions provided by police includes:
• Always lock car doors — even in your own driveway or carport. Union City police report the majority of thefts from vehicles occur while vehicles are parked at home.
• Do not leave any valuables in a vehicle. Purses left in view are extremely attractive to thieves, while GPS units, iPods and other electronics left in plain sight are commonly stolen items.
• While Christmas shopping, lock items in the vehicle trunk if possible. Police said leaving items in plain view is an open invitation to thieves — especially if the car doors are left unlocked.
• Lock all doors and windows to your home when leaving. Union City police report an increase in non-forcible entry burglaries. Residents should also ensure doors are locked when they go to bed and police recommend locking the bolt lock if residents have one. If not, the purchase and installation of a bolt lock is highly recommended.
• Leave a light on outside the home. Thieves typically like to hit homes that dark, both inside and out, according to police.
• If leaving town, put a light or two on a timer and have a friend or relative pick up mail and the newspaper. Police said newspapers left in the yard or driveway make it very obvious the resident is not home. Subscribers to The Messenger can contact the newspaper office and have their newspapers held until they return home, and a similar service to have mail held is offered by the postal service.
As an added precaution, Union City residents can call the Union City Police Department at 885-1515 and request an extra watch on their home while they are out of town.
• After the Christmas celebration, do not stack boxes from new electronics and other valuables by the curb for trash pickup. Police advise residents to break down or cut up the boxes and ensure they are stuffed down into garbage cans to be picked up by the trash collection service.
“Leaving the boxes on the curb lets thieves ‘window shop’ to see what houses to break into after the holiday,” police said.
In the days immediately before and after Christmas, the City of Union City will have a trailer parked on the Union City Municipal Building parking lot for local residents to deposit recyclables such as boxes, plastic and wrapping paper. The trailer is being donated as a public service by Osborne Trucking and will be parked on the City Hall lot from Dec. 22 until Dec. 27.
Police ask that only recyclables to thrown into the trailer and not regular garbage.
“This is being done in an effort to cut down on ‘advertising’ to thieves,” police said in a news release.
Residents may also bring their recyclables to the Obion County Solid Waste Department at the corner of Law Lane and Mount Zion Road in Union City, according to solid waste director Mike Cary. Published in The Messenger 12.16.11

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