Weakley County Rehab and Nursing Center news

Weakley County Rehab and Nursing Center news

Posted: Wednesday, December 14, 2011 8:03 pm
By: Brittany Rich, Special to The Press

Our annual Resident/Family Christmas dinner was Dec. 10. The potluck style meal began at 4 p.m.  Letters were sent to responsible parties and posted on the doors.
This week’s cover card winners were Bonnie Carney, Opal Pentecost, Dorothy Larson, Blanche Bullock, Sue Bailey and Annie Cantrell. For one-line Bingo, everyone left a winner. We continue to have large crowds each week and tons of great help so everyone can participate.  
The residents displayed wonderful strengths in the sports and games this week. Balloon volleyball and table ball were tons of fun. We do not keep score, but it does not stop everyone from trying their hardest.  Ray Crowell was the winner of top toss with 43 points and his runner-up was Bobby Bynum with 25 points. Mag Yeargin pulled out the victory with 240 points in popcorn toss with Dorothy Larson finishing in second place. Vivian Loveless dominated in the beanbag toss.
Her score of 780 impressed everyone.
To get in the Christmas spirit, the residents watched “Miracle on 34th Street.” Along with the movie, everyone enjoyed fresh-popped popcorn from the facility machine. The delicious aroma has a way of luring in hungry residents, employees and guests.  
The residents also enjoyed two other food-based activities. The November birthday party was held on Tuesday afternoon. The facility-wide party featured a delicious white cake with white icing. Our residents love coming together for a joint party, but each receives an individual mini cake on their special day as well. The weekly social featured fresh-baked apple crumble tarts. Everyone seemed to enjoy the food, but the fellowship was even better.
Our Sunday morning services were led by Dresden First Baptist Church and Macedonia Church of Christ.  They do a terrific job each week and we are so blessed to have their continued support and dedication.  Freemen’s Chapel Methodist Church was with us on Sunday afternoon. They always do a wonderful job in song and service. The residents love having them each time.  

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