Eagle released at Lake Barkley

Eagle released at Lake Barkley
KUTTAWA, Ky. (AP) — A rehabilitated eagle has been released at Lake Barkley in western Kentucky.
The bird was found as a helpless chick in May in Henry County after storms blew through the area and was given to Raptor Rehabilitation of Kentucky.
Eileen Wicker of Raptor Rehabilitation told The Paducah Sun that she nurtured him back to health. She said he was then sent to Wisconsin, where an adult eagle served as a foster parent, so that he could be returned to the wild.
“We had to find a foster parent for the eagle or he would have had a human imprint. He never would have been a wild bird. Even if he wasn’t friendly to humans, he would have known us as a food source,” Wicker said.
The eagle was released Saturday at Mineral Mound State Park, which is an eagle-nesting area. Wicker said she thinks the bird has a good chance of surviving.
“Only one-in-four lives to be over a year old in the wild. Part of it is they don’t have experience finding food or dealing with things like automobiles. I think this one has a better chance than some wild ones that have just left their parents. He’s flying strong,” Wicker said.
Information from: The Paducah Sun, http://www.paducahsun.com. Published in The Messenger 12.12.11

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