Sharon Notables – 12.08.11

Sharon Notables – 12.08.11

Posted: Friday, December 9, 2011 8:03 pm
By: Jacqueline Gardner, Correspondent

Well I messed up again. I didn’t understand the way The Press wants my article and gave you incorrect information.
My deadline to get the article in for Thursday’s edition is on Monday at noon. Therefore, I must ask for you to submit your information to me on or before 9 on Sunday nights. I will eventually learn the new requirements and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.
If you want your information in our birthday and anniversary list, please email or call with the information. You will find my information at the bottom of the article.
I would like to congratulate Jessie and Robert Mansfield on the birth of their grandson, Micah David Brunson, Nov. 10. Bitsy Brewer will celebrate her birthday Friday. Lisa Busy will celebrate her birthday Monday. My grandparents, Masel and Elise Wright, celebrated their 70th anniversary and it is also my grandfather’s birthday.
On Dec. 15, Jerry Cannon and Matt VanMeter will celebrate their birthdays.
On Dec. 17, my brother David Lassiter and I will celebrate our birthdays. No, we are not twins. I am the oldest by four years. This is my BIG 5-0! Michelle Mansfield will also celebrate her birthday Dec. 17. Jeremy Finch will celebrate his birthday Dec. 18. Angie Brewer will celebrate her birthday Dec. 19.
Shannon and Sandra Stone will celebrate their anniversary Dec. 20. Also Dec. 20 Cassidy Roney and Katie Sheridon will celebrate their birthdays. Dec. 22 Emma Shea Cook will celebrate her birthday, while Jessie and Orrin Snider will celebrate their 68th anniversary that day.
With the Christmas holiday approaching, we all need to take time for family and love one another. There is more than enough hate in this world. “Let it begin in me Lord!” If one person loves another and that person loves another, soon we are passing love to each person in our community, our county, and our country. We need to love one another as the Bible teaches just to make this world a tolerable place until Christ calls us home. So if you have family or friends you haven’t seen in some time just give them a call and tell them that you miss them and love them. You may be the only one during Christmas to remember them at all.
Have you checked out our Sharon Senior Center? This is the place to meet up with others and socialize. Your age is not a factor at the Senior Center. They always need someone to play cards, games, dominoes, ping-pong and many other activities.
Why don’t you come out and meet the gang? Be sure you stop by and pick up the prepared calendar so you know the dates of the activities and of any closings. If you need information about center, call 456-2213.
The thought for the week: “As we are commanded love each other as Christ has loves you!” If you have a thought you would like to share with the readers, email or call and I will put it in my article. My email is and phone number is 456-9823.
That’s all the news from the Sharon community. Remember to continue to pray for one another, our community and our military. May God have mercy on our land and bless you all.

WCP 12.08.11


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