Panther Cub news

Panther Cub news

Posted: Friday, December 9, 2011 6:02 pm
By: Kennedy Reese and Hope Gray, Panther Cub reporters

Alisha Pinto, a flight attendant, came to Martin Elementary to talk to us about the countries she has visited. She has visited 18 countries and some of  them include Mexico, Japan, France and more.
We got to learn about the different currencies or money. Products in different countries are expensive compared to ours. We also learned about some of the different languages. In French hello is “bonjour.” We even got to taste divine Belgian waffles. We saw Dutch clogs and gunny hats made out of sea shells. The kids learned we are different but also alike. Every country she has visited had a McDonald’s! We saw pictures of different transportation and different ways they shop. Some countries only walk and bike so they have produce carts set up on sidewalks.
Ms. Alisha had a  table set up for us to look at things she got from different countries.
We got to see a little goat boy that had a story to go with him. It was an experience to remember.
Jane Bragg’s third-grade students all got a “Book It!” for reaching their reading goal.
Barbara Barber’s class is enjoying Danika Frayer reading “James and the Giant Peach” on Thursdays.
Our class prepared speeches for the 4-H Public Speaking Contest. The winners were as follows: red ribbons – Selena, Abby, Jordan and John Allen;  blue ribbons – Lexi, Hayden, Ainsley, Hunter,  Lukus, and Hannah; and purple ribbons – Canaan and Natalie. Canaan and Natalie will be competing in the county contest.
Martin Elementary has been very busy!

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