MPD reports busy weekend

MPD reports busy weekend
The Martin Police Department stayed busy over the past weekend issuing drug-related and assault charges.
According to a report released by the MPD, on Saturday, when Patrolman Tim Dolack was running radar on Hawks Road, he performed a traffic stop on a 2003 Buick Century traveling eastbound at 49 miles per hour in a 30 mile-per-hour zone.
The report stated that it took a while for the driver of the vehicle to pull over and when Dolack came in contact with the driver, Geramie Gibson, he allegedly appeared nervous in fumbling through his wallet in an attempt to get his driver’s license.
According to the report, after Gibson produced his driver’s license, it took him a little while to produce his insurance card and, at the same time, the passenger, Bobby Jones, allegedly appeared to be nervous, was staring out the front window not looking in the direction of the officer and was allegedly shaking his left leg in a nervous manner.
The report stated that Dolack went to his vehicle, checked the warrants of both men and wrote Gibson a citation for speeding.
While he was writing the citation, he and Patrolman Jonathan Reyna observed a lot of movement in the car and Reyna allegedly noticed Gibson sticking his hand under the center console in an attempt to possibly conceal something.
The report stated that as the officers approached the men, got the citation signed and got permission to search the vehicle, Dolack allegedly saw a green plant-like material residue on Jones’ shirt and pants.
After being questioned, Jones allegedly admitted he did not smoke marijuana and was asked to step to the rear of the vehicle.
The officers then explained to Gibson what they had observed on Jones.
According to the report, Jones was asked to empty his pocket and was searched. Dolack noticed his pants  and then Dolack then allegedly retrieved the item from Jones’ pants – a Ziplock bag with three separate bags in it containing a white powder and rock-like substance believed to be cocaine. Jones was placed under arrest for possession of Schedule II with intent.
Gibson was also searched at the scene and after the search produced nothing from Gibson or the vehicle, Gibson was released.
The contraband was weighed at the police station and came out to 69.2 grams.
Jones also allegedly had $267 in cash in his wallet that was seized on the belief that it was obtained through drug sales.
A warrants check of Jones found a positive hit out of Shelby County for a probation violation on Sept. 8, 2010. The warrant was confirmed and Shelby County will be extraditing.
On Sunday, Reyna responded to a call in reference to an assault in the area of Lindell St. and Jackson St.
Reyna made contact with two victims at Bell’s Car Wash who stated that a white male with a grey hoodie had allegedly taken some keys from a girl at Dale’s Bar.
The victims stated that he left running on foot and they allegedly chased him to the car wash and confronted him about giving the keys back. They both advised that, at this time, he allegedly pulled a knife from his pocket and threatened them with it. They stated they were put in fear for their safety.
Officers began looking for the suspect and found a person who matched the description at the corner of Fulton St. and Jackson St. He was allegedly intoxicated and very unsteady on his feet. He was taken into custody for public intoxication and during a search warrant to arrest, a knife matching the one described in the incident was allegedly located in his pocket. The keys in question were also located in his pocket.
Written statements were taken from the two victims and they gave a positive identification of the offender, Timothy Glisson. He was transported to the MPD and charged with public intoxication and two counts of aggravated assault.
Also, on Sunday, Lt. Phillip Fuqua responded to a call in reference to a subject threatening another subject with a machete on 437 North McCombs St.
A victim advised that he and the offender, Randolph Sands, had allegedly gotten into an argument about his not wanting to leave the property after being ordered to do so. The victim advised that while this was taking place, Sands allegedly pulled the machete out of his truck and began swinging it at him.
The victim said they only thing keeping him from getting struck was a porch post.
The victim provided a written statement to the facts of the incident and Sands was later found at the corner of Jackson and McCombs. He was taken into custody and transported to the MPD without incident on an aggravated assault charge.      

WCP 12.06.11

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