Samburg officials target delinquency in hotel/motel tax

Samburg officials target delinquency in hotel/motel tax
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First it was delinquent garbage collection fees. Now Samburg city officials are dealing with a delinquent hotel/motel tax account.
Less than a week after granting final approval to a balanced budget for the 2011-12 fiscal year, the Samburg mayor and board of aldermen are considering legal action to deal with an unpaid $4,729.77 hotel/motel tax bill from Southshore Motel.
City officials even went so far as to pass a new hotel/motel tax ordinance recently in order to be able to legally bill Southshore Motel for the delinquent tax amount.
“So far, we haven’t received a payment or anything from him,” Mayor Larry Gene Davis said Monday night. “I don’t understand why he’s not paying this.”
It was in October that the mayor and board voted to pursue legal action against 19 residents and two businesses in Samburg who, combined, owed the city $4,623.12 for delinquent garbage collection fees. Now the city is considering legal action to collect the delinquent hotel/motel tax bill from Southshore Motel.
“He knows he owes it,” Davis said, referring to Southshore Motel’s Rick Spicer.
Spicer picked up a certified letter notifying him of the bill on Nov. 22, according to city recorder Mary Swain.
The board decided, prior to pursuing legal action against the resort, to have the mayor personally visit Spicer to discuss the bill.
“I’ll try that,” Davis said. “We’ll go that route and I’ll report back to you.”
The Samburg mayor and board of aldermen’s next scheduled meeting is Jan. 2, 2012.
Also during Monday night’s 15-minute board meeting, the success of the city’s Saturday night Christmas parade was discussed at length.
Davis commented the parade was “very good … very big” and said he has received “good feedback” about the event.
“It was unreal,” Davis said about the turnout for the parade. “I think it was the biggest one we’ve had in years.”
It was estimated there were more than 65 entries in the parade and more than 300 who turned out at a post-parade reception at Samburg’s Assembly of God church. Harvie Eugene Dexter served as the grand marshal for the parade.
Organizers of this year’s Samburg Christmas parade did a “terrific job,” according to board member Juni Fickle.
Her husband and fellow board member, Eddie Fickle, said he was “astonished” at the turnout at the parade.
It was also reported at Monday night’s meeting the parade even featured one entry that came all the way from Mayfield, Ky., according to board member Johnnie Johnson.
The board had donated $500 to help finance the parade, but there was some discussion Monday night of making an additional donation to the Assembly of God church for the use of the facility for the post-parade reception.
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Published in The Messenger 12.6.11

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