Rains and flooding focus of Woodland board talk

Rains and flooding focus of Woodland board talk
Associate Editor
Obion County has seen at least five inches of rain in two days, more than that in certain areas of the county, and that much rain can cause problems with ditches and sewer systems.
Those two issues were among the items on the agenda for the short 30-minute meeting at Woodland Mills Monday night.
Maintenance employee Perry Carr told the mayor and board of aldermen that the rainwater seems to be flowing well through the city’s ditches and culverts. This is in part due to the efforts of local resident Bill Sowell, who helps keep the ditches and culverts cleared, it was noted.
Board members asked that residents avoid raking their leaves into the ditches, which is what at least one resident has done.
Carr also informed the board that the lift station is “working hard.” The board will have to wait until it receives figures from Union City for treatment to see if there has been an influx of rainwater into the system, a problem the city has been trying to fix over the past several years.
After the meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance led by Mayor Wade Carrington and in prayer by alderman Tom Menees, the board:
• Learned $98 in 2010 property taxes and $1,478 in 2011 property taxes have been collected. There is still $167 unpaid from 2009 and $913 unpaid from 2010. The deadline for 2011 property taxes is in February.
• Approved financial reports for November, including total assets of $6,628.75 in the refuse collection fund, $7,181.75 in the street aid fund, $564,184.36 in the sewer fund and $134,735.72 in the general fund. It was noted the city has collected only about half of what was budgeted, to date, in state and county shared taxes in the general fund and the state street aid fund is operating at a $183 loss to date for the year. The amount charged by Barker Brothers for garbage pick up and the fall clean up were also discussed.
• Instructed city recorder Thelma Green to contact the insurance company to find out exactly what the city needs to do to get the siding fixed on the community center. An unknown person hit the building with a vehicle, causing the damage.
• Learned dances being held at the community center will begin again after the new year.
• Learned City Hall will be closed on Thursday so Mrs. Green may attend a training class.
• Voted to purchase an all-in-one copier/fax/printer from Lanzer Printing and Office Supply Co. in Union City.
• Received a bill from Tennessee One Call. The board instructed Mrs. Green to call the company and tell officials there the city does not wish to have its service.
• Was reminded the next meeting will be held Jan. 9 at 6 p.m.
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Published in The Messenger 12.6.11

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