Thornes’ yard always proves a festive display

Thornes’ yard always proves a festive display
Thornes' yard always proves a festive display | Walter and Louise Thorne

Walter and Louise Thorne live on Elm Street in Martin and decorate their yard on every holiday.

The name “Scrooge” is a moniker that could never be associated with Martin residents Walter and Louise Thorne. Particularly at Christmas. Or any other time of the year.
The Thornes love to decorate for the holidays and that extends beyond Christmas to many other notable days on the calendar.
On Thanksgiving, expect to see the traditional shades of fall wrapped around the symbols of the November holiday. Halloween brings out creepies and crawlies to the Thornes’ yard. The front lawn breathes of red, white and blue on the Fourth of July, houses decorated in eggs on Easter, becomes greener on St. Patrick’s Day and turns a brilliant shade of red and pink with decorations on Valentine’s Day. Originally from the Jackson area of Michigan, the Thornes followed Goodyear and settled in Martin and at their Elm Street location, they’ve been decorating for the holidays since 1986 with lights and yard decorations specially made by Walter.
“We just enjoy doing it,” Louise said. “We started with Christmas and then we thought we’d just decorate for all of them.”
Decorating for Christmas takes a grand total of two days, but the rest of the holidays can be finished more quickly. The Christmas lights are put up the day after Thanksgiving and are taken down after Jan. 1. For the other holidays, the decorations stay up all month and are taken down when the next month begins.
The Thornes have had two yard sales this year and Louise helped a customer who remarked, “Oh yeah. You’re the house with all the decorations.”
“We put the lights up so the kids can see them when they come by on their way to school. People drive by slowly,” Louise said. “Some of the kids have said, ‘Oh, they’re getting the lights up. Let’s go see that they have this year that’s new.’”

WCP 12.01.11

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