Our readers write

Our readers write

Posted: Wednesday, November 30, 2011 7:01 pm

Our way of life being destroyed

To The Editor:
To begin, I would like to extract a comment from an old movie, titled, “A Few Good Men.” In a discourse between a prosecuting attorney and the defendant, the defendant yelled out, “You can’t handle the truth.” Now, I want to ask all of  you, can we, ourselves, handle the truth? If I told you our country is being destroyed from within, would you believe it to be true? Every year we get farther and farther away from the values and guidance our founding fathers left us. Our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and our Christian religion are all being eroded by our modern culture and government, and our way of life is being destroyed.
For those of us that have lived with the greatest generation, we are acutely aware of how far this country has fallen. Qualifications of candidates don’t seem to matter much anymore. If you don’t believe it, look at our last presidential election.
When we elected a person into the highest office in the United States, who had absolutely no experience, no positive background, no knowledge of our Christian heritage, and was confused as to the number of states in our country, then, we deserve what we get.
We have some extremely critical issues in our country that require immediate action by competent, honorable, and caring leaders if we want to preserve and repair our once great country. A good start  would be to get our immigration under control.
If you plan a big meal at home for your family of five and 15 show up, what happens? Chaos. What happens to all governments, large and small, when they plan their operational budgets and they don’t have a clue how many they are planning for or what services they need? You get what we have in the United States right now, dysfunctional governments, insecure borders and a plethora of illegal immigrants.
Now, let’s get back to “handling the truth.” Never in my lifetime had I ever heard of a home-grown terrorist. I also never heard of y young American men going to a foreign country to learn how to kill us. This has prompted me to do some research on the Koran, Muhammad, Sharia Law and the Five Pillars of Islam. I also found that Mosques are used for religious purposes as well as military purposes. Watching a woman being stoned to death (an honor killing) on the Internet was also quite disturbing.
I won’t disclose at this time all of what I learned, although, if it was left up to me, nobody would be able to vote on mosques being built in the United States or Muslims entering this country unless the voters were made very aware of these negative issues.
Do some research yourself and let me know if “you can handle the truth.”
Gary Spence

Published in The Messenger 11.30.11

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