Grief book is healing for ‘Nana’

Grief book is healing for ‘Nana’
Grief book is healing for 'Nana' | Journey of Grief: Miracles Do Happen, Don't They, Sheila Turner, Madison Fagan

Sheila Kay Turner of Martin said she didn’t plan to make any profit from a book she penned about her emotional struggle that stemmed from losing her granddaughter. Her goal was for the book to help just one other person and that would be her blessing.
Not only has Turner been blessed by the healing power her book has revealed, the compilation has been healing for her as well.
“This was a long process. When I started writing it, I had no intention of anyone ever reading it,” Turner explained.
Her book, published last month, is titled “Journey of Grief – Miracles Do Happen, Don’t They?” Turner began compiling notes the evening her granddaughter, 11-year-old Madison Fagan, was admitted to a hospital after she was struck by lightning.
One week later, Fagan was pronounced dead. The community mourned the loss in 2006 when Fagan lost her life. She was a Martin Middle School student and athlete and known among her peers as a motivator and a true friend.
The 96-page book, penned by Turner, is a collection of her most intimate thoughts, memories and emotional struggle in dealing with the loss of her granddaughter.
Turner said after Fagan’s death, she had difficulty finding books to help her understand and cope with her grief.
“I went in search of therapeutic books. Everything was just too clinical and those books didn’t speak to my broken heart at the time. So I began writing and it was cathartic. It served as my therapy,” Turner said.
It was a five-year journey for Turner that ultimately led to the publishing of her book. Throughout her struggle with grief, Turner kept a close relationship with God.
In time, Turner said she has been able to think of her granddaughter and smile, instead of bursting into tears.
“You never get over it. In time, you start having pleasant memories again. It is still gut-wrenchingly painful, but I can smile again when I think of her. I feel truly blessed to have been her grandmother,” Turner added.
People called the incident a “freak accident.” For Turner, she knew that God was in control and has a plan for everyone.
“I hope this story makes people look at their blessings even just for a second,” Turner shared.
“Journey of Grief” is an emotional read. It allows the reader a glimpse into the family and life of Fagan.
There are little moments  to bring a smile, and there are other moments that bring out the tears.
A reader will walk the path of grief that Turner and her family took after Fagan’s death.
While it is designed to help others cope and heal, it is overall, one “Nana’s” tribute to her granddaughter and the apparent joy Fagan seemed to bring into everyone’s life who knew her.
Turner will offer a book signing at 1 p.m. Dec. 3 at the C.E. Weldon Public Library in downtown Martin during its Christmas open house event.
She will have copies of the book on hand for purchase that day or it can be found online at

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