Why we should be thankful

Why we should be thankful

Posted: Thursday, November 24, 2011 7:02 pm
By: Linda Ramsey, Special to The Press

I began to reflect upon what I had to be thankful for this week, and after I thought about my family and friends and our good health. The next thing that came to mind is to be thankful for the community and surrounding area in which I live. When I was a child, you had to go to a big city like St. Louis to see the kinds of things we are able to see at Santa’s Village. When I was a teenager, you had to go to a big city like Memphis or Nashville or even further away to attend a concert.
 In the small town of Martin, we are blessed to have a wonderful event in the early fall, the Soybean Festival, and we are also blessed to have Santa’s Village at Christmas. It takes many hours and many volunteers to pull off events like these two events. I know that city officials and volunteers meet for months in advance of these events, and we should all be thankful that they do.
Another thing that is especially nice about these events is that they provide opportunities for our citizens to meet and visit with one another. My grown children enjoy coming home for the Soybean Festival every year to see everyone, to hear the great concerts and of course, to eat the great food.  
Some high school classes are even planning their high school reunions around the festival. Individuals continue to come back to enjoy the event even after they have moved away.
Santa’s Village provides all of us with an opportunity to provide food and toys for the less fortunate. It provides us with entertainment and a chance to observe talented individuals making crafts and to purchase Christmas gifts and a chance to bring our children by for a visit with Santa Claus and much more.
During this week of giving thanks for our blessings, please remember to thank our city officials and our city workers for their help with the great events that we are blessed to enjoy.  
Thanks to all the volunteers behind the scenes who help with both of these events!  You are much appreciated!  
Also, our town is full of wonderful people that wait on us and provide us with services. Thank you, citizens of Martin, for being YOU!  We are indeed blessed to live here!

WCP 11.24.11


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