Weakley County Rehab and Nursing Center news

Weakley County Rehab and Nursing Center news

Posted: Wednesday, November 23, 2011 8:42 am
By: Brittany Rich, Special to The Press

Our facility hosted our annual open house on Nov. 20. It was held in the dining room from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. We invited all to attend and visit with our residents and employees.  
Our residents had a Veterans Day Honor Party to recognize our resident heroes on Friday. We were thrilled to have nine residents who served their country. Those honored were Clarence Black, Ronnie Brundige, Bobby Bynum, Gene Crawford, Ray Crowell, Gordon Hedges, William Higgs, Floyd Jones and Lee Ross. Each was presented with a red, white and blue balloon bouquet and personalized certificate.  After the ceremony, everyone in attendance received patriotic cupcakes and ice cream. We also took a time to recognize our spouses of veterans as well. At the conclusion of the ceremony, Ray Crowell held a special prayer for those being honored and recognized.
This week’s cover card winners were Alberta Barker, Vivian Edwards, Maybelle Killebrew, Mary Clark, Dorothy Farrar and Blanche Bullock. For Thursday’s one-line Bingo, each of the participants received 50 cents. The residents love playing Bingo and we are very grateful for all the help that peer residents, employees and visitors provide during the games.  
On Monday, the residents had our two distinct groupings. The ladies had fingernail painting and later that evening the men held men’s hour. The women who enjoy having their nails painted are always treated to a huge assortment of polishes and they leave with their preferred shade and well manicured nails. At the men’s hour, they played cards and did puzzles. Each group had a great time.
The residents also enjoyed a variety of games and sports challenges. They started out the week with the discus launch and the winners were Ray Crowell in first and Craig Moeller in second. Bobby Bynum was the big winner at Velcro ball scoring an impressive 800 points. Lois Morris was the winner of both penny ante and ring toss. She did a terrific job at both games. Ray Crowell struck gold again with shuffleboard.  Everyone enjoyed a round of trivia with Mindbenders. They did great and showed how smart they really are.
Dresden First United Methodist Church was with us on Tuesday afternoon. They had a large crowd excited to hear their song service and devotional. They do a great job each month for us. Also wowing the crowd with their monthly service was Siloam Baptist Church on Wednesday night. The residents always love having them and enjoy their services so much. Dresden First Baptist Church and Macedonia Church of Christ provided our Sunday morning services at their respective times. They are so kind and generous with their time each week. Our residents are blessed to have ease of worship provided by our community churches. Violet Totty and the Good Timers finished off our Sunday afternoon with a wonderful song service. They have wonderful talent and we are so thankful they choose to share it with us each second Saturday.
A special thank you goes to Pam Cochran for providing beautiful orange ribbon for our fall display.  
Liberty Baptist Church provided a special love offering for our special activity fund. We thank you so much for your continued generosity.  

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