Our readers write

Our readers write

Posted: Wednesday, November 23, 2011 7:01 pm

Life is good
in Union City

To The Editor:
I can think of many things in Union City that I am thankful for. For instance, we have a service called Obion County Recycle Center. Mike Cary and his staff do a tremendous job handling things that need to be recycled. They actually will thank you for bringing this “junk” to the center. And have trucks that pick up from businesses. They have a service to shred your old documents, for your security while you wait.
While going about my every day routine it came to mind that there are systems that take care of our water supply to make it safe. When I was a small child I lived in a small Kentucky town. Our facilities were outside.
Thinking back made me realize that all I have now to do to get rid of waste was push a handle or push a button after washing my dishes, wash my clothes and dry my clothes. This is a service provided by many agencies that our city and country provide.
In addition, we live in a country that helps make our life livable. My husband and I are considered “elderly” though we don’t like to admit that word. But sometime in the past some very smart people made it possible, if we worked hard, we could have a monthly income called “Social Security” to help supplement our income. And “Medicare” to help with medical bills. We have been fortunate to have good health and a job.
Though we are now elderly, we still have a job and are able to work. And yes we too grumble about paying taxes — then we stop and think.
Lastly, I thank God for our health, our jobs and the people who have made life for us very good in Union City. And that when our last day on earth arrives that there is a home prepared for us (where we won’t even have to push buttons).
Nancy Caldwell
Union City

Published in  The Messenger 11.23.11

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