Bar fight leads to arrests

Bar fight leads to arrests
A domestic dispute at a local club over child support payments resulted in a warrant for domestic assault and reckless endangerment issued early Sunday.
According to a report released by the Martin Police Department, patrolman Timothy Dolack was dispatched to Eddie B’s club when he was allegedly flagged down and asked for help by victim Jelisa Brown. She stated that after the club closed, she was in her car in the parking lot when her baby’s father, Donald Dickerson, and his girlfriend came up to her. Allegedly, Dickerson was yelling and screaming at her about his having to pay child support and, he allegedly tried to get his girlfriend to fight Brown.
The report went on to state that when Dickerson’s girlfriend refused to fight Brown, Dickerson allegedly became angrier and he pulled out a gun and waved it in the air and shot it into the air as several people were leaving the club.
Dolack attempted to find Dickerson, but could not. A witness stated Dickerson had left the parking lot allegedly as a passenger in a Ford Crown Victoria.
The victim and two witnesses came to the police station and filled out statements admitted they’d seen Dickerson fire several rounds from the handgun into the parking lot. Additionally, several people in the area admitted to hearing gun shots.
Warrants were issued for Dickerson’s arrest and Brown was advised of her rights pertaining to domestic violence.   

WCP 11.22.11

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