WCSD solves burglary cases

WCSD solves burglary cases
The arrest of a 21-year-old Martin man on Tuesday led to the solving of three aggravated burglaries and a multiple-vehicle theft charge.
Weakley County Sheriff’s Department officers conducted a traffic stop on Highway 45 North Tuesday and arrested Christopher Lane.
According to a report, items were allegedly recovered from Lane that came from an aggravated burglary incident at the Josh Mullins residence on Parkers Levee Road that occurred on Nov. 9 with guns and electronic items taken; an aggravated burglary at the Patricia Cochran residence on Sharon Highway 89 that occurred on Nov. 11 with clothes, cash, jewelry, and electronic items taken; an aggravated burglary at the Shirley Mason residence on Hyndsver Road that occurred on Nov. 12 with cash and jewelry taken and the theft of a 1995 Nissan pickup truck, a 6 x 12 flatbed trailer and a 2006 Polaris Ranger from Matt Vincent on Kirkland Road on Nov. 13.
The total value of the truck, trailer and Ranger was reported to be near $10,000.
The cases remain under investigation and anyone with the additional information is urged to call the Weakley County Sheriff’s Department and speak to either investigator Eric Smith or investigator Candice Winstead at 364-5454.

WCP 11.17.11

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