Letters to the WCP Editor – 11.17.11

Letters to the WCP Editor – 11.17.11

Posted: Friday, November 18, 2011 3:27 pm

To the Editor,
Rolling Thunder® TN-Chapter 6 would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that participated in the Veterans Parade. Whether you were in the line-up or on the sidelines waving your flags – thank you.
First and foremost, we would like to thank our veterans. You make us proud and we thank you for your service.
We would also like to thank the following:
• Sammy Liles and the Martin Police Department for traffic control;
• Martin Public Works Department for putting up our flags downtown;
• Martin Parks and Recreation Department for the bleachers;
• Martin Fire Department and Chief Russell Schwahn for the new pumper truck;
• Chief Bob Dudley and the Greenfield Fire Department;
• Weakley County Sheriff’s Department;
• University of Tennessee at Martin Department of Safety and Security;
• Latham-Dukedom Fire Department
• Weakley County Rescue Squad;
• Chris Smolk and the UT Martin Campus Recreation Department for the use of the parking lot and restroom facilities;
• Weakley County Press, WCMT and Dresden Enterprise for your support and publicity;
• Mr. Jackey Lamb with Big Ram Trailers for the use of the double trailers for the veterans;
• Weakley County Co-op for the use of the straw;
• Aaron’s Furniture of Martin for the use of the blankets;
• Robert Mancusi and Asha Moody for your vocal talents;
• Billy Laird for being my MC at Festival Park and on the radio;
• patriot Guard for the flags placed at Festival Park;
• Frontier Communication for the bucket trucks with the flags hanging over the parade – picture perfect;
• Mr. Mike Tucker and the Westview Band – awesome as always;
• Sgt. Spaulding for the ROTC Color Guard – they represented honorably and proudly;
• Roger Laird and David Bates for driving our veterans;
• Sabrina Bates for filming the parade and for spearheading our poster contest;
• Mike Wenz with the MPD for the sue of the patrol car and intercom system;
• James Reynolds, Volunteer Distributing and Randy Gregory for our banner displaying the fallen from our current wars;
• S.A.L.S., American Legion Auxiliary Unit and American Legion Post #55 for cooking for and feeding our veterans – you do this every year voluntarily and we so appreciate you;
• To Mike Wright, commander of Post #55, thank you for contacting Joe Perry;
• To David Spencer with Woodmen of the World, thank you for handing out flags to the spectators before the parade, it was heartwarming to see the crowd waving their flags when we drove by;
• Mr. Keith Black, The Shrine Temple and the Rizpah Railroaders, you are always a hit, especially the tin lizzies;
• Twin Cities Railroad Museum;
• Richard Lewis and Thomas the Train;
• Thanks to the representation for the 913th National Guard Co., we support you and pray for your safe return;
• Dresden Cub Scout Pack 40;
• James Buckley DAR;
• Harper’s Wrecker Service;
• The many motorcycle organizations: Sonz of Thunder, SCRC, Tennessee Rollerz and Christian Motorcycle Association (CMA);
• And to Jack Laird for picking up all my slack and making me less stressed, you pull it all together!
As parade coordinator, I would like to thank everyone who helped make this parade a success, especially our Rolling Thunder® TN-Chapter 6; without you, I could not do this!
Thank You.
Pat Laird
Activities Director
Rolling Thunder® TN-Chapter 6

To the Editor,
The 8th grade class of Martin Middle School is seeking volunteers! We currently have 56 wonderful people who have agreed to be interviewed by one of our students. We have 144 eighth grade students, so if you were born before 1960, we need YOU! If we must, we will partner two students with each community volunteer.
Here’s how this process will work: We will schedule a convenient time, during the school day, when you can come to the school and be interviewed by your student(s). We will invite you to share old photographs and other memorabilia – these items will be scanned or photographed for our use and given right back to you. During this interview, we will make a recording using an iPad.
Once the interview has been completed, “your” student will write a biography about you! They will create an iMovie on the iPad and give a speech about life when you were younger. What a great opportunity you have to make a difference in the life of a young person!
Through this project, we hope our students will learn a great deal more than how to write a biography, create a digital movie, or give a speech. We hope they will gain an appreciation of life from the perspective of a different generation – in most cases, a generation above that of their parents. We hope that students will learn how prices, activities, families, jobs, values, etc. may have changed through the years.
We hope that they will learn how some things – like hope and dreams and courage – never really change. Maybe through your life story, a student can learn something about perseverance in tough times.
Maybe through your life story, a student can learn something of how to treat others. Perhaps a student will learn of a career field which sparks an new interest in a particular subject. And, who knows? Maybe, just maybe, you will learn something, too!
If you are interested, please contact Sandi Bigham, via phone at Martin Middle School, 587-2346, or via email at bighams@k12tn.net.  
Sandi Bigham
Martin Middle School

WCP 11.17.11

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