Dresden Duplicate Club – 11.17.11

Dresden Duplicate Club – 11.17.11

Posted: Friday, November 18, 2011 3:39 pm
By: Toni Pritchett, Correspondent

The Tuesday Night Bridge Club met Nov. 8 and, as usual, eight of our 12 players went to Kountry Corner to enjoy the fellowship and tasty food.  Alma had invited me to join them, so I did. After eating a delicious salad and chicken nuggets, I hurried to the Legion to get things ready for the game. They all gathered along with the other two pairs and three tables were in play.  We all had such a good time. The laughter was heard  coming from every table. The group had decided to not bring anyhing to eat. The goal was to just play bridge, but I did bring some Nuts and Bolts for them to nibble.
Winners were: First-Alma Ford and Sarah Pentecost, Second-Linda Jennings and Becky Bennett.
The Wednesday afternoon club met Nov. 9 and, after everyone found seats, we had 20 players, and a five-table Mitchell game. Oh, those homemade pickles and hot Mexican cornbread do go together. Thanks Alma. The tray of vegetables from the garden is Minnie Bess’ trademark,  Carol Ehlers always has an interesting cheese tray and there were raspberry cookies, Colby cheese nuts and a candy mixture. Carolyn Rogers made an out-of-this-world coffee cake muffin tray, which was another hit of the day.
Winners were: 1st N/S- Freddye Oliver and Toni Pritchett; 2nd /S-Roberta Meyer and  Gene Fulks;  1st E/W-Jackye Hohman and Carol Ehlers of Paris and 2nd E/W-Minnie Bess Williams of Paris and Lois Harbour of Union City; 1st in Flight B-John Harbour of Union City and Sharon Fields of Paris and 2nd-Alma Ford and Bertha Henry.
Many  readers encourage me to send in tidbits of first ladies, so here is a bit about President Ford’s wife, Betty Ford. Not long after President Nixon made Jerry Ford his vice president, the news came that Mrs. Ford was a divorced woman. Bonnie Angels, a correspondent for People magazine, asked her why she had never told anyone about it. “Well,” said Mrs. Ford, “nobody ever asked me.”

WCP 11.17.11


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