Salvation Army takes command of ensuring Merry Christmas for all

Salvation Army takes command of ensuring Merry Christmas for all
Salvation Army takes command of ensuring Merry Christmas for all | Salvation Army takes command of ensuring Merry Christmas for all

Maegan Stone (left), so she may keep up with which elf has which angel. Assisting in this year’s efforts are Cathy Cunningham (center) and Paula May with the Salvation Army.
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Imagine being among those who face Christmas with no gifts under the tree.
This is the case for some 80 less fortunate children in Obion County whose names have been looked over by other charitable organizations this year.
For those who can afford a Christmas for themselves with a little extra money to spare, there’s an opportunity to make this Christmas a happy one for those children.
The Salvation Army hosts an Angel Tree party every year in December. The names for the tree are obtained from the Department of Human Services, the Department of Children’s Services, Work Force Development and the Salvation Army welfare secretary, who learns the needs of families who have contacted the Salvation Army for help through the year. They make an effort to reach children who have not been recipients of the Angel Tree in the previous year.
“Most gifts these ‘Angels’ receive will be the only gifts they receive for Christmas. The gifts purchased for these children do not have to be extravagant or super expensive,” said Cathy Cunningham of the Salvation Army.
“Most children receive an outfit, a coat if it is indicated that the child needs one and a couple of toys. It is entirely up to the person choosing the Angel as to what the child receives,” she said.
This year’s Angel Tree is already full of children’s names and is located at the Vision Center inside Walmart.
Mrs. Cunningham suggested two or three friends could get together and shop for one of these Angels or the task could be taken on by a Sunday School class.
Gifts will need to be returned to Walmart no later than Dec. 9, so that the children may receive them at their Christmas party on Dec. 16.
The festivities will be held at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, which provides the building. The children and their entire families are treated to a meal. Larry Mink with Magical Minks will perform a magic show for the children and then Santa Claus will arrive. The children get to speak to Santa before being escorted out an exit and given their bag of gifts. The children do not open gifts at the party because of every child not getting the same amount of gifts. In order for these children to receive their gifts, they must be present at the party with their family, Mrs. Cunningham said.
Volunteers are welcome to help out with the party, which begins at 5:30 p.m.
The Salvation Army has been sponsoring this project since December 2005. 
For more information or to volunteer to help, call Mrs. Cunningham at 538-2010 or Paula May at 885-0307.
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