Shawtown club celebrates Halloween

Shawtown club celebrates Halloween

Posted: Friday, November 11, 2011 8:32 pm

The Messenger 11.11.11

A medieval haunted castle in Shawtown was the recent setting for a Shawtown Social Club gathering of ghoulish characters celebrating All Hallows Eve.  
“Annie Oakley” in full Western dress and toting a six-gun held at bay the “Black Widow” covered in black lace and vivid makeup. A “Roving Gypsy” danced her way into the great hall and performed with her silver tambourine, while “Aunt Jemima” held vigil over the food table centered with a frightful goblin from the grave with flashing eyes and shades of night.
Cocktail grub worms in vintage barbecue sauce, a beef chips cheese ball to spread on bone fragments, slimy spinach dip with “moulded” pumpernickel pieces, scratch chicken salad, sour apple slaw, flaming pickled eye balls and saucy fermented cooked apples were served on appointments of hand-thrown pottery.
A witch’s brew of non-alcoholic fuzzy navel laced with “pigeon blood” was offered in medieval goblets of hand-thrown pottery. Coffee and hot chocolate topped with ghostly marshmallows were also served. Dessert was “Darkness in the Woods” cake with ice cream drizzled in dark chocolate with pecan topping.
Those in attendance also enjoyed a game of Rook.

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