Dresden board talks water issue

Dresden board talks water issue
The City of Dresden will now move forward on a water problem that has been plaguing the area since the 1970s.
David Salyers of the West Tennessee River Basin Authority gave a presentation before the City of Dresden Board of Mayor and Aldermen Monday night.
In 2007, the authority was asked to look at a severe drainage problem involving a steadily collapsing metal corregated culvert running from the old railroad overpass on Highway 54 under the Buck Hurt property across the street and ending on West Main Street. Because the culvert could not handle heavy rainfalls, the ground around the pipe and ditch began eroding on both business and residential property.
Salyers recommended installing a 4-by 8-foot box culvert upstream as a start to solving the issue.
“You have a major flooding problem caused by insufficient capacity,” Salyers said.
He proposed the eventual alignment of a Gabion channel to run behind Bowlin Funeral Home as the currently property is quickly becoming unusable.
In order to move forward, however, Salyers and the authority’s board of directors requested a commitment of $1,400 plus the cost of labor and equipment from the city as an annual contribution. At an estimated cost of $100,000 to $150,000 for the project and no penalty for backing out, the authority is looking at a three to five year commitment.
Motions passed unanimously to make the contribution and move forward on the project.
In other unfinished business, a representative from the Code Red program gave a presentation on the options open to the city through Code Red and Code Red weather warning systems.
Code Red gives the city the ability to do outbound communication based on geographic location whether it is for flooding, crime or Hazmat. The weather warning system sends out automated alerts. There is no equipment to purchase and the city can access the infrastructure through the Internet. With a 99 percent renewal rate with clients, the representative admitted there had never been a system failure in 13 years.
Code Red has the ability to send out notifications on emergencies, water boil alerts, chemical spills, missing children/elderly, garbage pickup changes and post-event calls.
Initiating the process involves logging in on a home page, highlighting areas that need the calls and sending out the calls with a personalized message.
The weather warning system monitors what the National Weather Service issues and tracks nearby storms. Residents have the opportunity to choose what warnings they would like to receive up to three inside a polygonal area.
A specific phone number would show up on caller I.D. for the Code Red system and a different number would show up for the weather warning system. Pricing is based on population. For $3,490, a Code Red system can be accessed with an all-call feature, for $3,750 an unlimited emergency plus plan can be accessed and for $4,010, the city can have a limitless plan.
The weather warning would cost $1,250 for the first year and $2,500 for the second and third year.
Taking into account the figures, the city chose to take no action at the present time.
Brian Barker of Barker Bros. Wastes Inc. proposed a brush pickup and recycling program to the city at last month’s board meeting and he returned this month to answer further questions.
Alderman Ronnie Gearin reported the average brush pickup bill was $600-$800 per household for the city to do the job. That equated to less than $10,000 a year.
Alderman Jake Bynum reported that citizens expressed satisfaction in using UT Martin’s recycling program along with three recycling bins located in Dresden. The service is free and citizens have the opportunity to utilize it if they so choose.
No motions were made on either proposal.
Rounding out unfinished business, the board voted to adopt the debt policy. This policy defines debt and outlines parameters by which debt obligations will be undertaken by the city.
In new business, 2012 advisory board members were named including:
• Industrial board – Junior Moore, chairman with 4-year term; Tom Reavis, 3-year term; Ricky Finney, 4-year term; Larry Jolley, 3-year term; Colin Johnson, 3-year term; Jimmy Westbrook, 4-year term; Joe Anderson, 2-year term; Tony Winstead, 3-year term; Mark Maddox, 4-year term; and Ronnie Price, ex-officio.
• Planning commission – Jeff Washburn, 4-year term; Dick Tidwell, 3-year term; Paul Hutcherson, 3-year term; Mike Forchione, 1-year term; Tommy Bradberry, 1-year term; Wendi Maxey, 3-year term; Alan Strawbridge, 1-year term; Tommy Moore, chairman and 4-year term; and Mayor Danny Forrester.
• Zoning board – Jake Bynum, 1-year term; Mike Youngblood, chairman and 4-year term; and Washburn, 4-year term.
• Beer board – Jimmy Dilday, 1-year term; Hal Bynum, 4-year term; Cathy Kerr, 3-year term; Ricky McHaney, 3-year term; and Jackie Darnell, 1-year term.
• City beautification – Donnie Essary; Angie Hewett, 4-year term; Ray Griffith, 3-year term and civic club representatives.
• Police advisory – Gearin, Tommy Moore, 4-year term; Joe Bryant, 2-year term; Hewett, 3-year term; and Don Hopper, 3-year term.
• Utilities – Tidwell, Kerry Killebrew, 4-year term; Tilman Arant, 2-year term; David McAlpin, 3-year term; Melanie Bynum, 1-year term; and Junior Moore, 2-year term.
• Parks and recreation – Anderson, David Lewellen, 4-year term; Amy Lewellen, 1-year term; Willie Parker, 3-year term, Lori Forrester, 2-year term and Scott Killebrew, 2-year term.
• Fire department – Robb Newbill, Andy Mangum, 2-year term; Ben Bradberry, 3-year term; Ted Kelley, 1-year term and Tommy Moore, 3-year term.
• Condemnation – Essary, Jeff Baker, 4-year term; Kate Moore, 1-year term; and Joe Anderson, 3-year term.
• Senior citizens – Gwin Anderson, Bill Stallings, 3-year term; Jimmie Higgs, 1-year term; Glynn Parker, 4-year term; and a vacancy for a 4-year term.
Aldermen will rotate off the committees yearly. They will be assigned to new committees each December board meeting with the planning commission and the industrial board being exceptions. Committee members can/may be reappointed. Aldermen will serve as the chairman of said committed.
Committee responsibilities are preparing for the yearly budget, preparing for the 5-year growth plan, assessing employee strengths and weaknesses, establishing training programs to assist in employee training, making sure all departments are in compliance with the state regulations and offering suggestions for improvements.
Should a committee member miss two consecutive meetings without sufficient cause, the member will be automatically removed from that committee.
The police department review committee will consist of Bynum, city recorder Jennifer Branscum, Dresden Police Chief Randal Walker and Forrester.
The fire department review committee is made up of Newbill, Branscum, Hutcherson and Forrester.
The city attorney is the Bradberry Law Firm, the city judge is Tommy Moore, vice mayor is Gwin Anderson and personnel board chairman is Tidwell.
In input from the citizens, Hillview Community Living Center administrator Bradley Davis announced the facility would be having its Caregiver of the Year presentation Nov. 18 at the Ned Ray McWherter civic center. The board honored his request to waive the fee for the building.
In employee’s reports, finance director Carla Edwards made a budget transfer of $4,394.24 for carpet for City Hall. She additionally reported 12.1 percent of property taxes collected in comparison to 9.3 percent collected this time last year.
Public works director Kerry Cooper announced that the Bay Bee Shoe Company property needed to undergo asbestos cleanup. With Walker’s help, Resolutions Inc. was consulted and proposed to identify asbestos on the property. The company agreed to do the analysis for $1,800 if no more than 35 soil samples are collected. Beyond that, it would be an extra $25 for each sample.
“It is in the public interest and it has to be done regardless of the cost,” city attorney James Bradberry said.
A motion to allow Resolution Inc. to collect 35 samples plus 10 more failed, but a motion to advertise for companies to performing asbestos testing passed unanimously. In addition, the city attorney will investigate state lien amounts.
After further information about street light replacement and installation was revealed, the board voted to hold off of the projects until next year’s budget was put together. Cooper ended his report by requesting that $789 obtained from a scrap-metal sale be put back into the repair and maintenance budget.
Water and sewer director Jeff Pierpoint reported having looked into the cost of water tank exterior painting.
The state has mandated a five-year program for tank inspection and cleanup. Several options exist for both painting and inside cleanup and the board again voted to get the information ready for next year’s budget.
Pierpoint announced a new employee to the department – Dominic “A.J.” Little from Gleason.
Parks and recreation direction Joey Winstead requested and was granted a capitol outlay combined amount of $27,000 for Wilson Park beautification including new picnic tables, trash receptacles and other items. He also requested $532 be put back into the budget due to an insurance check coming in for vehicle repairs.
Fire Chief Paul Hutcherson reported that both engine 3 and engine 4 are being looked at as they have been experiencing fuel tank issues. Engine 3 has some rusting on the inside of the tank and the paint is clogging the filters.
Engine 4 will be examined soon.
With both engines averaging about 15 years of age and the life expectancy of a fire engine at about 20 years, Hutcherson is hoping for a grant to come through for a new engine. A third engine is much older.
The next meeting of the City of Dresden Board of Mayor and Aldermen will take place at 6 p.m. on Dec. 5.   
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