Deed transfers

Deed transfers

Posted: Friday, November 4, 2011 8:02 pm

• Dennis E. Branson and Shelia Kay Branson to Brad W. Youngblood and Donald A. Fickey.
• Jonathan Harold Chamberlain to Marcello Gomez and Maria Asunsion Rodriguez Vasquez.
• Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Mark R. Winstead and Dawn M. Winstead.
• James L. Smith to Mark S. Lundquist and Jonathan K. Goodrum.
• Catherine Lou Barnett to Channary Pore.
• Fannie Mae Federal National Mortgage Association to Gene Gifford.
• Josephine C. Robinson, Glenda S. Harris Kennedy and Joe C. Harris to Patsy F. Jones.
• Selva Beasley to Ross Chandler and Jennifer Chandler.
• Roy Lynn McMillin to Allen Nevil.
• Shelby Reynolds, Roosevelt Reynolds heirs and Frankie Reynolds heirs to Brian Garner and Velvet Garner.
• John B. Reese and Jennifer L. Reese to Sherrie A. Sturkie.
• Church of Jesus Christ of Pillowville to Derek M. Trull.
• Donnie Leyhue and Anita Leyhue to Randy D. Cogburn and Cyndy M. Cogburn.
• Brent Lay and Ronnie Washburn to Brock Porter, Tandy Darby and Joseph Porter.
• Shirley J. Arnold Richardson and Shirley J. Richardson to Richard A. Atkins.
• Mary E. Fortner to Charles S. Davis and Karen Davis.

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