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Letters to the WCP Editor – 11.01.11

Letters to the WCP Editor – 11.01.11

Posted: Wednesday, November 2, 2011 7:02 pm

To the Editor,
I’m a news junkie. Last week’s news was so sad/depressing. There is a war going on in our beloved America – for our money and minds.
The Republican Party wants all of the money to go to our already wealthy and very rich.
The Democrats want everything to be paid for by tax increases.
Let me clear something up for everyone. The middle class has been paying most of the country’s debts for years. When “Dubya” Bush cut the tax for the ultra rich, someone had to take up the slack. What we did was start to borrow. Now we owe amounts I can’t even begin to write. Republicans say the “Ultra Rich” need the tax breaks to invest in jobs. If that is/was the case, why are we not just covered up in jobs now?
Democrats, on the other hand, keep spending the tax break money that we no longer have. What’s up with that? Republicans want to cut Social Security and Medicare. WHY? Oh, I forgot – they have, Republicans and Democrats alike, borrowed from our Social Security Trust fund. Excuse me, but what’s that all about? If they borrow from us and the Social Security fund, does that translate to me borrowing from myself? Do huge amounts of money corrupt?
Is it kind of like borrowing money from a 401K and not paying it back? Have we all gone nuts? No. Just very greedy!
Are politicians – almost all of them – taking caring of me? Or, perhaps it is the politician they are taking care of. We have Occupy Wall-Street and now, all over the country, protests to stop the greed! Last week on the news, some of our cities looked like third-world countries.
Police beating up our fellow citizens for a peaceful protest. Beware when our good guys/gals go bad. If we keep on this path, I truly believe a true revolution could and will occur. I truly believe in our country and our Constitution and Bill of Rights! Not just for a few but for all of our citizens. You may not agree with what I write or say, but, you must say, that I have the right to say/write it. As you do too.
No jobs equal less taxes.
No healthcare equals the poor.
More wars equal the poor.
No unions equal the poor.
No Middle Class equals no America!
I could go on, but I think you get the picture.
I do not pretend to have all of the answers, although I do have some. One last comment – have you noticed the caliber of men and women our Presidential race is attracting? Not too good.
Don V. Jones

To the Editor,
I am a staunch Democrat and plan to campaign for the Democratic candidates in 2012. I also believe in giving credit where credit is due. I have publicly criticized Rep. Andy Holt for failure to respond to messages. This past Wednesday night I sent him an email concerning the current evaluation process for teachers and principals.
Within literally minutes of doing so, I received a phone call from Holt. We spoke for about 10 minutes and he shared that he had received a lot of correspondence and had been involved in several conversations about the issue. He told me that during the next legislative session this would be reviewed.
Rep. Holt and I have very different political views. However, for our government to operate efficiently we must have discourse between those who are elected and those they represent. I appreciate his prompt response to my message.
Joyce Hale

WCP 11.01.11


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