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Craig’s Corner – 11.01.11

Craig’s Corner – 11.01.11

Posted: Wednesday, November 2, 2011 7:02 pm
By: Craig Fitzhugh, House Minority Leader

Craig's Corner - 11.01.11 | Craig Fitzhugh, Craig's Corner

Craig Fitzhugh
Everywhere I go – from the grocery store to the doctor’s office – people tell me the number one issue I should be dealing with is jobs. I absolutely agree and I want you to know I’m working hard in Nashville to help get our people back to work.
A few weeks back, I told you I was working with my fellow legislators to come up with a Jobs Package.
This legislation, which is bipartisan and focused on common sense solutions, is off to a positive start. Over the next few weeks, I am going to write about this legislation. It’s my hope that you will share your thoughts with me about these proposals and help me get them passed in the legislature.
The first proposal I have introduced is the Small Business Sales Tax Holiday. Each year individuals enjoy a 48-hour period where you don’t have to pay sales tax on certain items.
This has the duel effect of saving people money and stimulating the local economy by encouraging purchases. Under my proposal, the sales tax holiday would be extended to include purchases made by small businesses. Specifically, it would allow businesses with less than 10 employees to take advantage of a $5,000 tax credit. This would have the same stimulating effect on local economies and allow our struggling small businesses to purchase copiers, machinery and other big ticket items at a reduced rate.
The second proposal I have introduced is the Jobs for Tennessee Act. For years now local leaders have worked hard to prepare the West Tennessee Megasite in Haywood County.
This megasite has the potential to attract many long-term and good paying jobs to our area. Under my proposal, the state would be required to release the funds needed to complete the megasite by June of 2012.
This would allow work to be completed on the megasite, so we can start recruiting jobs to our area. A megasite like ours helped bring Volkswagen to Chattanooga. If we pass my bill, we can do the same thing for West Tennessee.
I’m serious about getting people back to work in West Tennessee. While I know that government doesn’t have all the answers, I believe it does have an important role to play.
When local and state governments work together with the private sector, jobs are created and people get back to work.
If you have any questions about this new law or would like to hear more about another issue, please contact my legislative office at (615) 741-2134 or by email at and we’ll get your questions answered as soon as possible. Have a great week!

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