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W’view sophomores encouraged to PLAN

W’view sophomores encouraged to PLAN

Posted: Friday, October 28, 2011 6:01 pm

Westview 10th-graders have the opportunity to take part in ACT’s PLAN program on Tuesday. This is the only time the test will be offered at Westview this school year. A majority of sophomores in the nation take PLAN in preparation for ACT assessment, which includes academic tests and a survey of career interests. PLAN also provides an estimated ACT assessment score so students can see if they are on track for the college or career of their choice.
If students are undecided, PLAN can add focus into the future and by participating in PLAN, students can get a head start on career and educational planning.
There is no cost for sophomore students to take the test. Contact Cathie C. Holmes, school counselor for grades 9-10, for further information at 587-4202 ext. 206.

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