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Pleasant Valley FCE holds meeting

Pleasant Valley FCE holds meeting

Posted: Wednesday, October 26, 2011 8:01 pm

Pleasant Valley Family and Community Education Club met recently.
President Barbara Parker brought the meeting to order and read the Thought for the Day — “Christians are like pianos: Grand, square, upright and no good unless in tune.”
The Pledge of Allegiance and the American Creed were said.
Roll call was answered with members naming their favorite thing about autumn. Some of the answers included beauty of flowers, mums in particular, and the leaves, raking them and their beauty when the colors change for the season.
The program was about bed bugs and included Top Health newsletters. It was stated that incidents of bed bugs have been rising since DDT has been banned and since people have been traveling to foreign soil and, when returning, bring the bed bugs with them. Some methods to remove the bed bugs include laundering by bagging clothing and bedding and introducing them to cold temperatures.
Top Health dealt with ways to get rid of stress. It was also stated members can get germs under control by washing their hands frequently. This lessens the chances of transmitting disease.
The next meeting will be Nov. 16.

Published in The Messenger 10.26.11

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