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New Interstate 69 designated in Kentucky

New Interstate 69 designated in Kentucky
rom AP, staff reports
NORTONVILLE, Ky. — Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear has joined federal highway officials in unveiling a sign that designates Kentucky’s new Interstate 69.
Federal Highway Admin-istrator Victor Mendez was among the crowd as the red, white and blue shield sign was unveiled at Southside Elementary School in Nortonville, a city in western Kentucky’s Hopkins County.
Beshear said during the ceremony Tuesday the state has now “put I-69 on the Kentucky map.”
A statement from Beshear says I-69 will eventually run from the Ohio River at Henderson to the Tennessee border at Fulton, but the initial 55-mile long segment will run from Eddyville to Nortonville.
Locally, the I-69 segment through Obion County is on track to be completed by next year, according to Bill Revell, Tennessee chairman of the I-69 Coalition.
He has publicly stated the $24 billion international highway would have an enormously positive impact on the economy once it’s completed.
The interstate is being developed in segments through nine states. The interstate will ultimately connect Canada to Mexico with a route through Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas.
Upgrades to Kentucky’s existing highway system for I-69 are estimated to cost about $1 billion, according to Revell.
Work on I-69’s route through Obion County is reportedly ahead of schedule as the interstate will enter the county along Highway 51 at Fulton and will continue to a new bypass being built around Union City. The interstate will continue south past Troy to Dyersburg and then on to Memphis.
Work on I-69 in Shelby County is already under way and work has started on the interstate in Mississippi. Published in The Messenger 10.26.11

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