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Martin police uncover rolling meth lab

Martin police uncover rolling meth lab
The execution of a search warrant resulted in the discovery of a rolling meth lab Friday afternoon.
According to a Martin Police Department report, Investigator Guy Pryor served the warrant on Harold Ford, 41, a resident of the Len Haven Motel in Martin. The report stated that after taking Ford into custody, Pryor allegedly found a small bag of white powder in the area.
A search warrant was then obtained for the motel room and for Ford’s vehicle. The warrant was executed and items allegedly recovered were six capped needles, one coffee filter containing white powder, one glass pipe, one glass jar containing white residue, one can of Coleman fuel, one bag of cotton balls, three pieces of aluminum foil, one brass valve with turquoise residue, one grinder, one glass pipe and one marijuana pipe.
Based on the evidence found, Ford was taken into custody and was transported to MPD for booking procedures. Additionally, the report stated that Matthew Doherty, 44, was taken into custody due to neither he nor Ford taking responsibility for the illegal drugs found.
Both defendants were transported to MPD for booking procedures and are being charged with possession of Schedule II with intent, promotion of methamphetamine manufacture and unlawful drug paraphernalia uses and activities.

WCP 10.25.11

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