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Letters to the WCP Editor – 10.25.11

Letters to the WCP Editor – 10.25.11

Posted: Wednesday, October 26, 2011 7:01 pm

To the Editor:
Dear friends, family and community members,
It is difficult to find the words to truly express my gratitude. Angie and I are genuinely humbled by the generosity of everyone who helped us through this trying time in our lives.
We are so very grateful for your donations, prayers and kind words and thoughts. Without all of you, we would have been unable to meet the expense of this trip.
We did make the trip to New York City, and upon further testing, the surgeon felt it was best to postpone the risky surgery at this time.
However, it is inevitable that I will have to have the surgery performed at a later date.  
Because of this, the donated funds that were not used during this trip will be placed in a trust to be used at that time in the certain future, when it is found that the surgery is absolutely necessary.  
Our whole family is so very appreciative to have such loving friends and family who supported us, whether emotionally or financially.
We have been completely overwhelmed by the kindness of this community and are so blessed to live here and be a part of it.
Thank you all for your generosity to us in this difficult time.
Marty Plunk
To the Editor:
Last week on Oct. 20 the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) began conducting random searches of vehicles on Tennessee highways. You know the TSA. They’re the ones in the blue uniforms who grope us at the airports.
Considering these searches are conducted with no probable cause, this is a very obvious violation of the 4th Amendment of our constitution.
To allow this, it appears that our Governor Haslam, as well as his commissioner of Safety Bill Gibbons, either have little knowledge of our constitution or even less respect for it.
Our county sheriffs are the citizen’s last line of defense against the abandonment of constitutional law in America. Our county sheriffs whose counties these random searches are being conducted in have the authority and the constitutional duty to put a stop to these searches. If they don’t, why would we not expect our homes to be next?
Our Constitution can only protect us if we protect it. “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” – Benjamin Franklin
David Nance
Tennessee 8th District Tea Party Coalition

WCP 10.25.11


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