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Lawmakers study options for lottery scholarships

Lawmakers study options for lottery scholarships
NASHVILLE  (AP) — State lawmakers are looking at more than a dozen possible scenarios for the future of lottery scholarships, most of which involve cutting the number of students eligible or how much money they get.
The Lottery Stabilization Task Force was to meet today in Nashville and is expected to make a recommendation by early December. State officials say if the lottery scholarship program isn’t changed, it could run out of money in a little over a decade.
One option being considered would be requiring students to finish a semester of college with GPA better than 2.75 before getting the money for tuition.
Thomas Sanford, a researcher with the Tennessee Higher Education Commission, told WPLN-FM that research literature shows that any economic barrier to education is a hindrance for potential enrollment (
Information from: WPLN-FM, Published in The Messenger 10.26.11

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