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Jean Pierre Bondurant chapter meets

Jean Pierre Bondurant chapter meets

Posted: Wednesday, October 26, 2011 8:01 pm

Jean Pierre Bondurant chapter meets | Jean Pierre Bondurant Chapter

Andy Blair, chapter president Peggy Brown, honorary national president Aline Roberts and hostesses Dr. Beth McKay and Cindy Waters.
The Jean Pierre Bondurant Chapter met Oct. 1 at the home of Dr. Beth McKay in Nashville. Chapter president Peggy Brown welcomed everyone and asked all to go into the dining room for delicious refreshments prepared by McKay and Cindy Waters.
Prospective members were introduced – Sharon Lloyd and Amanda, her daughter. There were 15 members present for the meeting. The devotional was given by chaplain Helen Marshall. Patriotic exercises were recited, the Huguenot prayer was said in unison and all sang the Huguenot Hymn, “Faith of our Fathers.”
The business meeting began with the recording minutes read by Cindy Waters. They were approved as read.   The treasurer’s report was read by the president as the treasurer was sick. It was filed after being read.  
Cards can be purchased six for $5.
All were told about the Huguenot note cards for sale that help pay for state expenses. Registrar Dee Smothers, the newly-elected national president, was in Georgia for their State Branch meeting and to install new state officers there.
Historian/librarian, Claire Holland, reported on the scrapbook and replied Kitty Galbraith would be helping her until new officers were elected.
President Brown remarked it is time to select a nominating committee for new officers. Those chosen were Beth McKay, Ann Rutherford and Aline Roberts.
Robert Spencer, Jr. reported that the Huguenot books could not be bound because the company has gone out of business. Therefore, members have to look for another company who is not too expensive to have this done.
Mrs. Brown introduced the next speaker, Andy Blair, graduate of Roanoke College, who majored in history and is currently employed at Belle Meade Mansion.  
He remarked he had not studied about the Manakin Huguenots and found it exciting to read about and even found who his ancestor might be.
He spoke on the Huguenot’s journey to the new land and all the hardships they endured.
Brown thanked Blair for coming that day and presented him a gift.
Brown also thanked Dr. McKay for hosting the meeting in her home.
The next chapter meeting will be held April 28 in the home of Helen Marshall.

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