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Letter to the WCP Editor – 10.18.11

Letter to the WCP Editor – 10.18.11

Posted: Wednesday, October 19, 2011 7:03 pm

To the Editor,
Given the rise in identity theft, I gladly show my driver’s license when asked and consider it an extra measure of security. I have to show my I.D. to write a check, rent a hotel room or car and at most doctor’s visits.
I find it hard to understand why anyone would object to the new Tennessee law requiring voters to show a photo I.D. at the polling station.
The fact is, photo I.D.  requirements deter the following people from voting: people who aren’t registered to vote, people who have already voted once, dead people, illegal immigrants and wanted felons.
For voters who don’t see the point in this, let me point out that if you vote and someone fraudulently votes for someone else, they have effectively made your vote and your voice in this country as a citizen worthless.
If our votes are to mean anything at all, we must ensure the integrity of the voting process.
Janice Amberg

WCP 10.18.11


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