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Mason Hall FCE meets

Mason Hall FCE meets

Posted: Monday, October 17, 2011 8:02 pm

The Mason Hall Family and Community Education Club met recently on a pretty fall day with 16 women and six men members present. Guests attending included Lily McCaig, Judy Galloway, Tandy Davis, Davis Taylor and Benita Giffin.
The roll call was called with members answering the question “What is your favorite thing about autumn?”
Martha Halford served as hostess and everyone enjoyed a bountiful meal provided by the members.
President Frances Allen called the meeting to order and read the thought for the day, “Christians are like pianos — Grand, square, upright and no good unless in tune.”
Betty Luton gave the devotional taken from I Chronicles 28:9 and a reading from Barbara Bush titled, “Pure Heart — Holy Life.” She told of humble action and thoughts, how the world is filled with troubled people and the Godly woman stands in contrast. Many friends and family were mentioned in prayer.
Secretary and treasurer reports were given and communications were read.
Charlotte Pierce and Mary Louise Davis reported on their day quilting at Green Frog in a log cabin. It was a good day and they told of a beautiful apron display that hung on a line with clothes pins which the community had contributed as a fund raiser. They discussed going to Rutherford to quilt during the Davy Crockett Days and on Saturday, they were to have gone to Fall and Folklore Jamboree in Milan.
The Obion County Council met recently and Frances Allen and Mrs. Davis told about this meeting. Box tops and Campbell’s labels can be turned in to Obion County University of Tennessee Extension agent Benita Giffin to benefit area schools.
Betty Luton acted as the nominating committee for 2012. She has been a member for 40 years.
Officers elected to their positions for 2011-12 include president, Mrs. Allen; vice president, Nettie B. Moore; secretary and treasurer, Jeanette Proctor; reporter, Sarah Allen; and devotional, Mrs. Luton.
The Tennessee Associat-ion FCE Convention will be Nov. 7-9 in Pigeon Forge. There was a discussion of members’ items which will be sent.
Mrs. Giffin gave a very informative program from two Top Health Newsletters. Members learned about “Healthy Eats, Ways to Let Go of Stress” and controlling cholesterol, which is a major risk. They also received an update on supplements, gastritis and shingles.
For recreation, Frances Allen read a comical reading of how children survived the ’30’s ’40s and ’50s.
Visitors and new members are always welcome, a spokesman said. The group meets the first Thursday of each month.

Published in The Messenger 10.17.11

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