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Tulip Grove Chapter meets

Tulip Grove Chapter meets

Posted: Friday, October 14, 2011 8:02 pm

Tulip Grove Chapter meets | Tulip Grove Chapter, U.S.D. of 1812

USD of 1812 Tulip Grove Chapter

TULIP GROVE CHAPTER – Tulip Grove Chapter held its meeting Sept. 7 at the Jackson Country Club. Members in attendance were (seated, from left) second vice president national Aline Roberts; chapter president Regina East; Barbara Stegall; (back) Terry Nelson; Joy Bland; Joann Birmingham; Donna Cooley; Patsy Weatherington; Lorraine Miller; Jennie Whitehead; Margaret Henry and Sherry Taylor.

The Tulip Grove Chapter, United States Daughters of 1812, met Sept. 7 at the Jackson Country Club. President Regina East called the meeting to order.
The Ritual was led by Joy Bland. Barbara Stegall led the flag pledges. The American’s Creed was led by Margaret Henry. Donna Cooley read the Purposes of the Society.
The flag tip was shared by Cooley, flag chairman. “You are not to wear the USA flag draped around your body. This shows disrespect.”
The National Defense message was brought by Barbara Stegall. She asked all if any had read article on the Editorial page in the Jackson Sun that week on “Common labor made our National what it is,” by Anne Goodson. It read, “Streaked faces and calloused hands bear the marks of a working man. Some carved out a living with a shovel, pick or spade, from dawn until evening shade.
“Many a great man sat upon the cobbler’s bench or forged on an anvil in the blacksmiths shop, mastering well the tools of a trade with pride of workmanship etched in every piece that was made. Others tilled the soil, planted and harvested a crop. They were dedicated to the common tasks, often giving back more than ever was asked. Blazing a trail through history, their labor made a difference for you and for me. Good things are accomplished through the smallest things well done. As we pause, reflect and remember on this Labor Day, let us be thankful for each one.”
Minutes were read by Lorraine Miller and approved. Treasurer Aline Roberts gave the financial report. National projects were discussed and voted on.
Registrar Terry Nelson, reported we have 1812  papers binging completed for Sherry Taylor, Jackie Utley and Jennie Whitehead.
Roberts reported on Summer Board Meeting. She also spoke on “Free Trade and Sailors’ Rights” for the chapter program.
Patsy Weatherington typed up a new yearbook and asked all to make corrections before it was printed.
Lorraine Miller asked approval to present to her grandson a ROTC medal at the annual banquet in the spring at Memphis State University. Approval was granted.
Discussion was brought up on the TN Society marker for the 1812 site for the Bi-Centennial. Progress is being made.
The meeting was adjourned and all enjoyed lunch together.

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