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Letters to the WCP Editor – 10.11.11

Letters to the WCP Editor – 10.11.11

Posted: Wednesday, October 12, 2011 7:01 pm

To the Editor,
I will reconsider renewing my subscription when it becomes due this year. It is very disappointing to see that our local newspaper chooses not to print full obituaries free of charge.
These days many people cannot even afford to pay for a funeral for their loved ones, so I think it is a very bad decision to not print obituaries with the family information.
Do you realize that many people check the obituaries the first thing when reading the paper?
Some just purchase the edition for certain obituaries.
I am glad that our local newspaper continues to serve the community.
Linda Plunk

To the Editor,
On behalf of the Greenfield Fire Department, I would like to thank everyone for his or her time, participation and monetary support to make this 23rd Annual Fall Fire Prevention Festival a success.
Without the help of everyone this festival would not be possible. I would like to thank the firefighters and firefighter’s wives for all their help, the chairperson of each committee, the volunteers and the businesses in Greenfield and surrounding cities for all their support and contributions.
An additional thank you to the following:
• Greenfield Banking Company                 
• Greenfield Monuments Co.                     
• First State Bank of Greenfield                                        
• Harris Insurance Agency
• Shannon Cotter                                                               
• Greenfield Family Medicine
• Moseley, Inc.         
• EVS Mid-South & Pierce Mfg
• City of Greenfield
• Style Shop                    
• Pope’s Concessions                                                       
• Four Corners Shop      
• Sonic Drive In             
• Greenfield Florist    
• Weakley County Municipal Electric System    
• El  Vallarta
• MTD Products
• Marble Shop
• Air-Evac                       
• Office Products    
• Greenfield Lumber Company                                         
• Hospital Wing of the Med.
• Parker-Hannifin Corporation                     
• Sharon Fire / Rescue
• Waste Management    
• WCMT 101.3
• J/C  Lawn  Care
• Texture Design
• Jackson Fire Dept.     
• Davison Home Builders
• Whitehouse, Inc.    
• Randy and Cheryl Potts and Family
• Plastic Products
• Tennessee National Guard
• Weakley County Press   
• Williams Funeral Home
• Rotary Club    
• Smith & Nanney Lumber Company
• Greenfield Ladies Club
• Goolsby Real Estate
• Martin Fire Dept.       
• West Tenn. Public Utility Dist.               
• O’Allison’s Restaurant                                                   Shelton’s Restaurant
• Huffstetler Seed Co.
• Wimpy’s Corner
• Weakley Co. Sheriff Dept.
• Dudley’s Fire Consultants
• Akin & Porter                            
• B & R Gear Machine & Gear Company
• Southern Source
• WYNN 106.9
• Shelton’s Home Improvements                                      
• Subway Sandwich & Salads
• Dresden Enterprise                                                        
• E.W. James & Sons Supermarket                                                                      
• Greg Usery and Family                                                   
• Garner Brothers Farms
• Greg, KK, Mallory, and Tony Robinson                       
• Servall Pest Control
• Brawner’s Boot Outlet
Chief Bob Dudley
Greenfield Fire

WCP 10.11.11


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