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Fortnightly Club meets

Fortnightly Club meets

Posted: Friday, October 7, 2011 9:19 am

The Fortnightly Club met Saturday at the home of Edna Harris. Assisting as hostesses were Mollie Gallien and Marion Fields.
A delicious dessert plate was served to the 21 members who were present.
President Millie Gallien welcomed everyone and led the club in the Collect. Speaker Jennifer Head was introduced.
She spoke on Pulitzer Prize winners beginning with 2000 and going through 2011.
She read passages from several of the books and talked about the authors and their style of writing. It was a very informative and enjoyable program.
Secretary Carolyn Gresham read the minutes from the May meeting and they were approved as read and treasurer Carolyn James collected yearly dues and gave a financial report.
Members in attendance not already mentioned were Vicky Ayers, Carolyn Brown, Maggie Byers, Frances Cates, Carol Gibson, Lynn Gibson, Donna Jones, Martha Lee Lacy, Carol Slack, Dottie Smith, Vicki Smith, Nelle Sparks, Barbara Trentham, Sandra Vincent, Melba Wash and Pat Watkins.

WCP 10.06.11

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