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‘We’ve gotten soft over the years’

‘We’ve gotten soft over the years’

Posted: Wednesday, October 5, 2011 7:01 pm
By: Glenda Caudle, Special to The Press

This will stun you, no doubt. I agree with the President.
America has, indeed, gotten “a little soft” over the decades, as he suggested in a recent speech in Florida.
In my view, we’ve gotten a little soft on holding people accountable for their actions and have rushed in to justify their anti-social behavior with victim-mentality language, with the result that unacceptable behavior is becoming the norm.
We’ve gotten a little soft on expecting people to accept personal responsibility and have picked up the pieces for them when they’ve made a shambles of their lives — and then passed the bill for services rendered on to productive citizens — with the result that the givers and the takers are perpetually locked into a state of anger and frustration toward each other.
We’ve gotten a little soft on self-discipline and on discipline for our children and slid into a dramatic decline in virtue and basic decency, with the result that there is little that shocks us anymore and much that we are willing to tolerate.
We’ve gotten a little soft on expectations of excellence and have substituted feel-good praise for mediocrity and even less, with the result that performance has taken a downturn.
We’ve gotten a little soft on respect for others and opted to relegate the adage to “treat others the way you want to be treated” as advice that is irrelevant in a feel-good-at-all-costs society, with the result that we are fearful of each other.
We’ve gotten a little soft on patriotism and resorted to a political stance of abject apology for our great nation and an official policy of attempted appeasement of our enemies, with the result that the bad guys in the real world have found their destructive tendencies aided and abetted by their potential victims.
We’ve gotten a little soft on faith and substituted worship of gods we’ve created ourselves, with the result that we are descending to the level of animals.
I regret to report that, even though I agree with the President’s attention-getting statement, his rhetoric and actions have made it abundantly clear he does not agree with me and, in fact, had something else entirely in mind when he took up the role he appears to relish — that of “scold-in-chief” toward anyone who disagrees with him.
In the world according to Obama, the only thing America has grown “a little soft” about over the years is its willingness to cheerfully yield hard-earned assets to the government for redistribution at its pleasure. That’s a failing the new “toughen up” trainer has committed himself to correcting.
There will be those who agree with him.
After all, we’ve gotten soft over the years. And it shows.
Glenda Caudle is Special Features Editor for The Union City Daily Messenger. She may be contacted at glendacaudle

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