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Dresden Duplicate Club – 10.04.11

Dresden Duplicate Club – 10.04.11

Posted: Wednesday, October 5, 2011 8:01 pm
By: Toni Pritchett, Correspondent

The Tuesday Night Bridge Club met for its regular meeting. Before the meeting, six of the 12 girls met at the Kountry Korner to have a nice dinner before the bridge game.  
They met at 5:30 and then came on to Legion building to play and have their dessert.
The 12, who make up our three tables of the most exciting game in the world, had such a great fun time all night long.  Everyone was in a fine mood.
Jane Young was hostess for the evening and served pecan pies and brownies, strawberries and oyster crackers.
One of our players –  Margie Evans, who hails from  Fulton, Ky. – has come up with a new name for our club.  
“The Dresden Bridge Dolls,” she said. So the winners of The Bridge Dolls were: 1st–Bertha Henry and Jane Young; 2nd–Kathy Wilson and Susie German and 3rd–Margie Evans and Dianna Nerren.
Kathy Chandler, representing the Tuesday group stood up and said, “A little bird told us that tonight is our director’s birthday.”
So, they all sang “Happy Birthday” to Toni. Then they presented a Happy Birthday card signed by everyone there. Inside the card was a gift card to any Mexican restaurant I wanted to attend for many times.    It was a wonderful surprise and a wonderful treat from those Dresden Dolls.
Dresden Wednesday Bridge Club met Wednesday afternoon and four tables were in play.  
What a treat we had when John Harbour came over from Union City and played with Jack Bogue. He brought his computer with him and arranged our game to put all the names of the players and their scores on each board they played in the computer.  
Soon after, a print out came off of the computer in order of all the players’ bridge scores and the bids as well as the results telling who came in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc., place and how many points they would get.  
The winners were: 1st–Freddye Oliver, U. C. and Toni Pritchett; 2nd–Roberta Meyer, Puryear and Gene Fulks, Paris; 3rd–Bess Williams, Paris and Lois Harbour, U. C.
Refreshments were enjoyed by all. Alma Ford, remembering the birthday, brought four kinds of cake – lemon, blueberry, banana and chocolate – plus chicken salad; bacon and tomato dip, crackers and chips.  Finishing out were colby-jack cheese, pimento and cheese and dill oyster crackers and banana nut bread.
Birthday was continued on Thursday with many things to eat and  singing “Happy Birthday” to Toni and Margie Evans. This was Union City’s Thursday’s game
John and Lois Harbour did the computer that afternoon. Putting in all the scores for six tables takes a little while to print out.  Results were: 1st–N/S Bob Sanner and Toni Pritchett, 2nd–N/S Carol Ehlers and Jackye Hohman, Paris.  

WCP 10.04.11


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