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Batesville, U.S.A.

Batesville, U.S.A.

Posted: Wednesday, October 5, 2011 7:01 pm
By: Sabrina Bates, News Editor

Batesville, U.S.A. | National Newspaper Week, Sabrina Bates, Weakley County Press

Sabrina Bates, WCP News Editor

Times have changed. The evolution of technology has inspired the newspaper industry to use a variety of “tools” to relay its information to the largest audience it can reach.
Technology has also brought with it the “10-minute” news cycle.
It would be wrong of me to say that The Weakley County Press hasn’t been caught in the web of trying to deliver a 10-minute news cycle to the public.
Since the late 1800s, downtown Martin has served as the host site for some form of this newspaper.
Of course, the faces of leadership and staff have changed through the years, but the goal has always remained the same.
Even with the advanced technology available as people shuffle their RSS newsfeeds on their smartphones and iPads, the goal of the print edition of The Weakley
County Press will continue to remain the same.
That goal is to provide as much local news as we know about to you — our reader. We are a community-minded newspaper. We continue to encourage our readers to send us newsworthy achievements, civic organizations to let us know what is going on and businesses to let us relay their promotions and accomplishments.
We continue to allow you a voice on our editorial page that cannot be read on an RSS newsfeed.
While every household seems to have a digital camera these days, The Weakley County Press relishes in printing that picture of a child enjoying a local festival; or the young sports player running a ball or making a basket; or the photo of the “Super Star” students of the month at the local school, for all of the world to see.
When a reader opens the paper and turns to the Education Page and finds his or her child grinning with their certificate, that moment becomes etched in time.
When a reader opens The Weakley County Press and turns to the Sports section to find a picture of his or her young football player featured in color that day amidst a pile of teammates, there comes an immediate smile on the proud parent’s face.
In the words of our staff writer Sara Rachels, “You can’t take a computer to a neighbor’s house. You can’t stuff a laptop in the family Bible.”
Your smartphone won’t present a picture that appears larger than life when it is on the front page of a newspaper.
You don’t have to “scroll” through the pages of a community newspaper with your thumb.
These reasons are only a handful of why a newspaper is valuable to its community. That is not to devalue the importance of social media sites or a news site as a tool to deliver a constant stream of news to a broad audience.
As technology continues to evolve, newspapers will most certainly evolve and continue to add more “tools” to their arsenal of content delivery.
As this week is National “NewsPAPER” Week, let us say thank you to all of our readers for allowing us to serve you and be a part of the community.
Inevitably, we strive to fulfill our unspoken obligation to the community, but without the community, we would not be who we are today.
Happy National Newspaper Week!
Let us know what you think. How can we do better or what could we do differently?
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