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Local military monument may be moved

Local military monument may be moved
Staff Reporter
A move is under way to relocate a military monument from the county fairgrounds to the Obion County Courthouse lawn.
The Obion County Budget Committee learned about the effort this morning during its session at the Obion County Public Library in Union City.
The monument in question is in memory of servicemen missing in action in southeast Asia in the Vietnam era. It was dedicated Aug. 26, 1973, in memory of Richard Clive “Tito” Lannom, U.S. Navy, by his family.
Obion County Mayor Benny McGuire said the monument is 13 feet tall and 371⁄2 inches at its base and is made in the shape of a triangle. A third of the monument has fallen out at the bottom and he said it is very dangerous.
The monument is located on county property and either needs to be repaired or torn down because of the liability it presents to the county, according to information presented to the Obion County Courthouse Committee at its recent meeting.
The courthouse committee voted for McGuire to look into moving the monument to the courthouse grounds using donated funds to repair the monument as much as possible to its original state. McGuire told the budget committee no county funds would be utilized.
Anyone interested in contributing funds for the monument’s relocation and restoration is asked to contact either McGuire at the county mayor’s office or local residents Ed Youngblood or Chuck Ashley.
The budget committee voted to send the recommendation to the full Obion County Commission for consideration at its next meeting, set for Oct. 17.
Budget committee chairman Danny Jowers said relocating the monument to the courthouse grounds would be a good addition to the other military monuments already there and would be “honorable.”
In other action during this morning’s brief meeting, which was opened with prayer led by commissioner Sam Sinclair Jr., the budget committee:
• Voted to draft a resolution concerning satellite, cable television and AT&T assistance in the local area after hearing a presentation from resident Gaylon Long, a former county mayor.
Long said there is a problem with local customers not receiving proper assistance when they call the companies seeking help with satellite and cable problems. He said customers cannot talk with anyone in the United States and instead end up speaking with representatives in foreign countries such as Bangladesh, China, India or the Philippines.
He asked for county officials to draft a resolution to be presented to state Rep. Bill Sanderson and the state legislature to request there be at least one representative from each company in the local area so local customers can receive assistance.
The county attorney will draft the resolution for the county commission’s consideration and commissioner Richard Arnold also suggested it be sent to U.S. Rep. Stephen Fincher to seek help on the federal level.
• Voted to send to the commission a resolution to authorize an application for a used oil grant from the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation for the Solid Waste Fund in the amount of $3,000 (100 percent grant) to maintain and upgrade current equipment used at the county’s recycling center.
• Approved putting before the full commission any proposed plans which come out of the county reapportionment committee meeting set for Tuesday at 7 p.m. at the courthouse, pending the committee’s approval of a plan. McGuire said the committee met once and voted to come up with a couple of plans, and he said something should be approved at the session Tuesday night.
McGuire said one district lost population and there is also an effort to make it where all voters inside the city limits would go to locations within their city limits to vote. Jowers said he has been hearing concerns about some Union City residents having to go to Rives to vote.
“We’re trying to make it easier for folks to vote,” Jowers said.
• Voted to put before the full commission a recommendation to donate two old American Red Cross vans recently donated to the county. McGuire said the vans aren’t worth very much and aren’t needed in the county’s fleet. The Obion County Rescue Squad wants the larger van and Northwest Tennessee Disaster Services has asked for the other van.
• Approved sending to the commission a request to create a special account for the sheriff’s department for donated funds specifically designated for the sheriff’s department. Jowers said the account will be for private donations intended to help people in need.
• Voted to send to the full commission a list of notary public applications.
• OK’d sending to the commission a resolution proposed by Williamson County officials which will also be introduced to the state legislature. It deals with holding state legislators to the same strict standards as county elected officials in regard to open meetings laws.
“We want them to abide by the same rules,” Jowers said, adding that the news media is always welcomed at county meetings in order to keep the public informed.
Staff Reporter Chris Menees may be contacted by email at Published in The Messenger 10.3.11

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