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Sharon Notables – 9.29.11

Sharon Notables – 9.29.11

Posted: Friday, September 30, 2011 8:02 pm
By: Jacqueline Gardner, Correspondent

The Sharon city-wide yard sale is set for Saturday. Be sure you don’t miss this event. It is one of the biggest and best because so many people in our community have sales.
You may find a treasure that you have been looking for so be sure to come into town and check out all the sales. Parking is difficult and many people park and walk to the sales. Please watch out for the pedestrians while you are driving.
The Sharon Senior Center is the place to go if you want to socialize. Your age is not a factor at the Senior Center. They always need someone to play cards, games, dominoes, ping-pong and many other activities. Why don’t you come out and meet the gang.
Be sure you stop by and pick up the prepared calendar so you know the dates of the activities and of any closings. If you need information about center call 456-2213.
Jimmy Chandler celebrated his birthday last Thursday. Parker Magness, Brandon Willis, and David Sheridon celebrated their birthdays last Friday.
Rebekah Skelton and Bud Morton both celebrated their birthdays last Saturday. Daniel and Pam Gatewood celebrated their anniversary last Sunday and Noah Fankhauser celebrated his birthday also. Michelle and Larry Mingle celebrated their anniversary, Dale Willis and Ryleigh Herrin celebrated birthdays on Monday. Sandra Stone celebrated her birthday on Wednesday.
Brad and Brandy Cook will celebrate their anniversary on Sunday. Louise Milton will celebrate her birthday next Tuesday. Miranda Greer will celebrate her birthday next Wednesday.
The Sharon Library is a place you need to check out. Don’t forget to check and see what’s happening at the library. Our Librarian has many programs for the different ages of children in our community. She also has programs for the older readers. If you have any questions about our library, call 456-2707.
The thought for the week, “If you can read this article, thank a teacher. Because it is in English, thank a soldier.” If you have a thought you would like to share with the readers, feel free to drop me an email or call me and I will put it in my article.
I want to apologize for not having an article in last week’s edition. I have been under the weather and unable to do very much. I am feeling much better and thank you for your emails and concern regarding my health.
Hopefully last week will be the last time that I miss submitting an article. But I still need your help to keep this article going. Please remember to contact me and let me know about your special upcoming events and I will gladly print them in this article.
My email address is and phone number is 456-9823.
That’s all the news from the Sharon community. Remember to continue to pray for one another, our community and our military.
May God have mercy on our land and bless you all.

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