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Fulton, SF DAR group earns additional awards

Fulton, SF DAR group earns additional awards

Posted: Friday, September 30, 2011 8:02 pm

The Jacob Flournoy Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution met recently at the Fulton City School Board office.
Agnes Sublette and Ramona Moon served as hostesses. Mrs. Sublette was also program leader.
Regent Sallie Ferguson opened the meeting with the DAR Ritual. After the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States Flag, Mrs. Moon led the singing of the “The Star-Spangled Banner.”
Serving as program leader, Ms. Sublette introduced guest speakers, nurse practitioner, Allie Alexander-Lusk, and Amelia Prather, who is in the pharmaceutics field. Both ladies are residents of the Fulton area.
Ms. Alexander-Lusk spoke on women’s health issues and gave several excellent suggestions on preventative medicine and how a woman should be more aware of her own health issues and be alert to early warning signs. She also stressed healthy living and things that help protect a woman’s health. She also suggested making a list of questions before going to a doctor, so as not to forget to ask something important.
Ms. Prather spoke on some of the side effects of medicine and being sure to let the doctor know what over-the-counter drugs are being taken, as this can affect prescription medicines. Also, patients who have more than one doctor should make sure the doctors are aware of what others have prescribed and they should keep a list of medicines they are allergic to. This could be very important and especially in case of an emergency. Following the presentation, the ladies gave first aid bags to everyone.
After appreciations were extended to the guest speakers, Mrs. Ferguson conducted the business meeting. She announced additional awards had been received for the group. Among these were five Kentucky state awards:
• Outstanding Chapter Achievement, second place;
• Outstanding Committee List and Responsibilities;
• Best Program Series, first place;
• Outstanding Member-ship Report, first place;
• Keeping Members Informed and Involved, first place.
The chapter also received the following national awards:
• Chapter Achievement Award Level 1;
• Outstanding Chapter Report for District, first place, Mrs. Ferguson;
• Outstanding Chapter Media Coverage Print East Central Division. This award was based on chapter news reports written by public relations chairman Lora James.
A welcoming ceremony was held to welcome Alice Adams Voegeli as a member member. Chaplain Ms. Sublette conducted the ceremony.
Officers reports were given and the minutes were read by Mary Harris. Barbara Allen-Tidwell have the National Defense Report and Margaret Adams gave a report for Indian Minutes.
Rose Oliver was nominated for the Historical Preservation Recognition Award by the Jacob Flournoy chapter. This nomination will be judged by the Kentucky Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution.
In observance of 9/11, the group took turns reading facts pertaining to the event.
Delegates were elected for Kentucky State DAR Conference for 2012. They are Mrs. Ferguson and Ms. Harris. Alternates are Phyllis Simmons, Elaine Allen, Mrs. Voegeli and Ms. Oliver.

Published in The Messenger 9.30.11

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