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Vigil held for slain Greenfield man

Vigil held for slain Greenfield man
Vigil held for slain Greenfield man | Jamie Gruggett, Greenfield, murder victim

In memory of Jamie Gruggett

IN REMEMBRANCE – Several friends and family members gathered at Highland Cemetery in Greenfield Saturday night for a candlelight vigil to honor and remember the life of Jamie Gruggett. In September of 2008, Gruggett was murdered and the suspect remained a mystery as the case went cold after a year. Recently, the identity of the alleged killer was made known and Alice Gruggett, along with her daughters, Alisha and Tracy, organized a vigil – three years after the murder of their son and brother. As friends and family comforted each other, close friend Amanda Fisher read a few remarks about her friend, Jamie: “If I had to describe Jamie I would say he had a beautiful soul. He was a great friend and a very caring person. I remember all the times I had with him growing up. I knew I could always count on him for anything. His passing was a tragedy that I know none of us here will ever forget, but with that being said, I hope that each of us can hold on to a special memory of Jamie and celebrate his life forever. I give thanks to God for the time he had here with us and I also want to commend his mother and his family for being as strong as they have been during this. As for the man who (allegedly) did this to Jamie, well, in my opinion, he does not deserve any of our thoughts, but I will say I pray that every time he lays his head down at night, the faces of everyone he has hurt haunts him and leaves him with as many sleepless night as the families had to endure. We love you, Jamie. Rest in peace.”
Photo by Sara Rachels

WCP 9.27.11

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