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No injuries during MMS gas line sever

No injuries during MMS gas line sever
School ended abruptly Thursday for students, faculty and staff at Martin Middle School due to the accidental severing of a gas line.
The incident occurred when workers for McCoy Heating and Cooling accidentally clipped a two and one half inch gas line while working on the building’s heating and cooling units.  
“Our nutrition manager, Ms. Patty Davis, was leaving for the day and noticed the odor when she stepped outside,” said Martin Middle School principal Nathaniel Holmes, “… she came in to the office immediately and notified us.”  
Holmes stated that at that point, School Resource Officer Jennifer Owens contacted city authorities while he contacted the school system’s maintenance department.  
“We evacuated the school,” Holmes added, “and once the Martin Fire Department arrived, they determined it would be best to vacate the school for the remainder of the day.”  
Holmes noted the disruption had little effect on the school day since the incident occurred so close to the end of normal class hours.  
Both Randy Frazier, Weakley County director of schools, who was at a neighboring school when notified of the leak, and Assistant Director of Schools Jeff Kelley,visited the campus Thursday afternoon.  
“The students and staff had done an excellent job in exiting the building in an orderly fashion and remaining quiet while emergency responders evaluated the situation,” said Kelley.  
Frazier noted that he had been contacted immediately by a representative of the company working on the project.
“I appreciate being contacted by the McCoy representative. This accident was a case of the lines being marked, but just being slightly closer to the surface than is traditional; it apparently couldn’t have been avoided.”
Frazier noted that Martin Fire Department, Martin Police and Weakley County Emergency Management Director Jamison Peevyhouse responded to the school.
“We are fortunate,” said Frazier, “to have had such a great response, not only from our students and staff, but from our emergency response community as well.  I want to thank them all.”

WCP 9.27.11

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