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Through the eyes of lone West TN man

Through the eyes of lone West TN man

Posted: Friday, September 23, 2011 7:02 pm
By: Richard Ward, Special to The Press

“Look, up in the air; it’s a bird!  It’s a plane!  No, it’s Superman!” – so went the lead-off to the old after-school serial during “the Golden Age of radio.”  And that’s only to let you know the age (or agedness) of this writer.
In the late 1990s my son-in-law went into the lawnmower business here at Greenfield and, from then on, this non-farmer and the whole family gradually and yet very subtly became much more conscious of the sky and of weather.  
It sort of “took me back,” to those days of childhood, you know, when kids sometimes lie on the ground and just stare upwards for awhile at the clouds.  
And it was around 1998 when I began noticing that Weakley County must be at the hub of all supersonic flights since the skies were always filled with “vapor trails” – “contrails” – condensation of atmospheric water from the wings of supersonic jets.  
Day after day, and on every moonlit night too, it wasn’t just one or two such streaks; it was six to ten, and it was all the time!  Crisscrossing, paralleling, waving, etc. How long that that had been the case since my move here back in 1972, I can’t really say.
Then, in 2006 or 2007, Internet conspiracy theories came to my attention, articles charging that some of those trails were not “contrails” at all but, rather, “chemtrails.” The idea was that the central government of the USA was spraying barium, aluminum and other microscopic, metallic particles into the air – air pollution by the world’s chief opponents of air pollution? Ostensibly for the purpose of bouncing radio waves from certain remote electronic stations in Alaska, all of that towards the ultimate goal of lessening bad-weather patterns over America and/or increasing bad-weather patterns over future enemy military staging areas.  
Certain articles indicated that this weather-modification business began as far back the early 1940s, shortly after the start of WWII.
Now, I’m certainly no conspiraphobic, not like you’ll find on any college campus or in most any high journalist’s office.  But this whole notion did seem too “far-fetched” for me.  What is always said about the “inevitability of death and taxes” seemed to me even truer of Man’s messing with Nature – no need to worry about it because the world is too vast, there are too many variables, and because Weather (with the capital-W) is God’s business and His alone.  
“Everybody talks about the Weather, but nobody can do anything about it” – that’s what everybody knows, right?   
But towards the end of this past April, our Southland experienced what is now being termed by most climatologists as “America’s worst tornado outbreak ever.”
Whatever Uncle Sam had been doing to make those storms “less severe” hadn’t worked.
Just like the Hurricane Katrina episode of 2005, so it was in 2011 across most of the Mid-south – the weather-modification measures had backfired.
Whoops!  Or had it?  Perhaps those we would trust to minimize naturally severe weather patterns and their resulting storms had been going for the flip-side of that science, the one of foisting upon our enemies storms that were more instead of less violent.
I popped up with that last wild paragraph only because of this – remember the West Tennessee vapor-trail traffic?  The very week following April’s record-setting tornado outbreak, all such markings in the skies stopped, 100 percent!  
Had the Air Force base at Blytheville shut down?  Had high ticket prices or the “terrorist threat” driven the airlines out of business?  Had the tornadoes taken all moisture out of the atmosphere? Or, for some reason, were all airplanes suddenly assigned lower altitudes or sub-sonic speeds? What in the world had happened, and was it all just a matter of coincidence? And was that just one unusual week? No. Within two to three weeks after I had noticed the total absence of contrails/chemtrails, I began challenging friends to “look up and see what you don’t see.” And that went on from late June all the way to now, to mid-September – some 20 full weeks. “Look up and you’ll see not one vapor trail,” I kept on telling my still largely disinterested audiences.
But, alas, this past week, the week of Sept. 12, 2011, to be exact, the vapor trails started up all over again.  Literally “out of the blue,” here we once again have something or other, and, granted, I’m not sure what.  
But worse than that, I know not where to turn for answers.
I’ve already found that our governor, our state legislators, our new farmer-congressman, and both of our U.S. senators know absolutely nothing about this matter, seeming to care about it even less than that zero.
If this treads into Conspiracyland, it does so only lightly, because it is widely known – even if not prominently so – that at Gakona, Alaska, (and possibly elsewhere) there indeed does exist a federal scientific facility called the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) which reportedly “fires high-frequency radio waves into the ionosphere” and then “studies the results,” whatever that means.
It is also “common knowledge” in scientific circles that Supertanker 747s from Evergreen Air Corporation based out of Marana Air Park near Tucson, Ariz. and McMinville,Ore., near Portland, have been contracted by our U.S.A.F. to spray barium and aluminum into clouds so as to “induce rain” – that’s the admission of weather modification from Evergreen Air’s own, official website.  The conspiracy theorists claim that Evergreen Air is “a CIA front company for chemtrail operations within the US.”
“Within the U.S.” – hmmm. Why aren’t we experimenting with weather modification and intensifying storms over, say, Libya or Afghanistan or Iran or North Korea or any of our other enemies?
Because there’s a 1976 U.N. treaty prohibiting it.  Online Wikipedia puts it this way: “Weather modification in warfare has been banned by the United Nations.”  (See “United Nations General Assembly Resolution 31/72, TIAS 9614 Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques,” ratified by the USA Dec. 13, 1979.)
Ah, but …
• A – “Science” being science as it is, and
• B – With science necessarily founded squarely upon experimentation of the most thorough kind, and  
• C – with this treaty prohibiting weather modification experiments elsewhere, and
• D – with HAARP, Evergreen Air, and the possible CIA involvement still up and running in this near 70-year-old program, and
• E – with the specter of biblical “perilous times” on every front these days, dare we dismiss the entire matter from our minds as merely “far-fetched?”
Richard Ward is a resident of Greenfield who is a frequent contributor of letters to the editor.     

WCP 9.22.11

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